Beagle Survives Gas Chamber

For info on adopting Daniel or another rescued dog visit
3:08 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Beagle Survives Gas Chamber
The super beetle that somehow cheated death -- -- dog was one of several strays. An Alabama shelter attempted to euthanize but. He's somehow managed to survive at all and we will need his never say die death defying -- moment first though is amazing story. -- It's a happy ending this the year -- -- -- -- it wasn't supposed to happen. Three weeks ago his tail wagging lovable dog was found is a strain Alabama after no -- claimed and he was euthanized with a group of other dogs. Much of the shock of every line he's somehow miraculously. Survived. When he opened the door down just walked right out he realized that you know hey this is pretty amazing -- it was safe for a reason so we're just gonna try to get some help. She also named in Daniel after the biblical figure who survived the lion's den and decided to help him get adopted. He is second leash on life. With the help of eleventh hour -- they decided he'd have better luck far north of Daniel went on a trip. Reversed immediately stopped -- his way to New Jersey by playing. That's kargil pavlik -- -- -- -- new Foster mom while they continue searching for the perfect permanent home was very fun loving he's. Very sweet but do you really isn't the first -- to be called a miracle dog -- -- all you guys. Back in March -- told the story of Wally and the adorable little -- from Oklahoma. We'll also came back to life after being put down now wants and that's why it's. After the coming up FaceBook phenomenon while we needed to new York and Good Morning America -- cut victory. He has since been adopted by Stanley in Pennsylvania. We're told he's happy and healthy and they -- Daniel to seems destined for. Yes. Areas everybody look at this face -- -- have not adoring Danielle Linda Shiller is here she's the president and founder of eleventh hour rescue. And at one -- bit of good news in the story -- a lot of the news but many many people come forward to adopt and I guess you can be choosing outings this elaborate. Here's our celebrity status and now we have literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people really. From all over the country with -- Colorado. Know what kind of astonished just pulled the trigger what are you looking for in terms of the right owner for this beautiful beautiful dog well I think that he needs a home that has other pacts because he just loves his -- Brothers -- -- Foster home. So he's gonna need a home with other dogs and active family so we are interviewing people right now -- accepting applications and it named Daniel. Was a biblical choice -- -- night the people -- England rescued him. Down in Alabama and Tennessee. Name to Daniel because of him coming and the lines then he -- asking me -- hell yes we're talking are apparently not -- -- still really wanting your credit report and -- we keep us posted I'll absolutely do you --

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{"id":14841056,"title":"Beagle Survives Gas Chamber","duration":"3:08","description":"For info on adopting Daniel or another rescued dog visit","url":"/GMA/video/beagle-survives-gas-chamber-14841056","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}