Bear Seeks Family's Home Cooked Christmas Meal

The wild animal was lured to a residential area by the smell of a delicious spread.
3:00 | 12/28/13

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Transcript for Bear Seeks Family's Home Cooked Christmas Meal
christmas. What does he do? After he got a whiff of deep-fried turkey one family was cooking. Justifiable. Have you ever had it? Delicious. The resourceful bear ended up taking matters into his own paws. And abc's sara haines is here with more. Hey, sara. It's one thing when you're at a zoo looking at a glass dividing wall. When the glass wall is in oyour own house, the experience hits a little close to home. He's a big one. He's going to get that turkey. Smelling a pot full of turkey, this hungry black bear broke into the porch of this florida home to see if he could snatch up any leftovers. I heard a loud crash. I ran downstairs. And didn't find anything going on. I went to the back porch. And I saw what ended up being the bear's behind pressed against the glass. Reporter: Much to its dismay, it was the leftover oil enticing the bear to the patio. I brought the grease inside the porch. He wanted to break through to investigate further. He looked at it, realize there wasn't any turkey and went back out. Reporter: Regardless to the damage of his patio screen, he has plenty to be thankful for. I thought he was going to tip over the pot and spill the oil on the ground. But he was polite. Reporter: This hungry beast is the latest of a parade of bears. Like when these guys turned a florida pool into their very own water park. When this bear went dumpster driving in washington in colorado, walking away with a pretty hefty haul. Gaines took all of the blame. It was totally my fault. The bear was being a bear. If I smelled some turkey, i would want to check it out, too. Going to get that turkey. And gaines lives on the edge of a natural preserve. This is his third run-in with the bears. He estimates this bear is about 6'3", his height. The bear didn't stick around to do a back-to-back height test. Very conscientious bear. Didn't require any cleaning up. As long as it's a polite bear. It's his fault. A compassionate homeowner. I love tremendous mamaine gaines. Now, to the female fighter giving new meaning to the term

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{"id":21355739,"title":"Bear Seeks Family's Home Cooked Christmas Meal","duration":"3:00","description":"The wild animal was lured to a residential area by the smell of a delicious spread.","url":"/GMA/video/bear-seeks-familys-home-cooked-christmas-meal-21355739","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}