Beauty 911: Easy Drugstore Fixes

"GMA" helps viewers tackle common beauty emergencies with easy and affordable solutions.
3:29 | 04/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beauty 911: Easy Drugstore Fixes
We are back now with our beauty 911 series and easy solution force common problems and asked you to share your questions and Lori bergamotto is ear to answer them. You have great ideas that aren't just quick and easy but also inexpensive. We're all working too hard and spending too much money and beauty companies are really so innovative and can take -- put forth the minimal effort for the maximum result. Three. Chrissy. Okay. Chrissy, you'll tell us what your beauty emergency is. Yes, so I love Adele's cat eye and seen the viral video but when I vie and do it myself, obviously it does not turn out as planned so I was wondering if you had any eyeliner mistake fixers. Basically we do and this is a common problem that when people are trying to line their eyes they make a mistake so this B brow corrector pen just takes away very gently the problem without Amy having to scrub your whole WHAs and irritate it and fix it up. Clean it up with organic water in it and it's gentle on your skin but you get an effective result so 28 bucks, bbrowbar brow corrector. Fantastic. That's works. I love it. Problem solved. Next up we have awe Dra who tweeted in with her beauty emergency. She wrote, our dentist visit was a nightmare. Kids and I still have plaque. I don't want to spend hundreds on fancy toothbrushes. She is here with her daughter Gianna. This is amazing. A groundbreaking toothpaste called plaque HD. It has little disclosing agents that color and identify plaque on your teeth so you'll get like this little teal or blue or green spot on your teeth and it's like a game and you try to erase them and works like a Normal toothpaste but it makes your mouth up to four times healthier and your teeth even whiter because you're getting rid of that plaque. More efficient brushing. So we saw you guys giving it a try. What did you think. I like it. Every time we go to the dentition I get the complaint I don't floss enough. This is an easy way forme to see where I missed. She had more than I do. I have a tween too. I know, I feel for you. We're all there. And then last but not least we have a beauty emergency coming in from Tyler in Chicago, Illinois, who is on Skype, Tyler, what's your beauty emergency? Hey, guys, so I love manicures but they can be expensive and don't always love the color. I wish there was a way I could try on the color before getting the manicure to make sure I leave the salon satisfied. Good question. I always have regret. Wrong color. We can help you. Sally Hansen mini match app is brilliant so, Amy, will you be my little tester here. So if you put your right hand down here, okay, we actually tested this in the "Good housekeeping lab." You'll see each color. The app actually will pick the most flattering colors. I love this. And you can just go out, get it. Bring it to the salon and get it done. That is so cool. I love that. I love that, Lori. Tyler, thanks for the great question.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"\"GMA\" helps viewers tackle common beauty emergencies with easy and affordable solutions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38379217","title":"Beauty 911: Easy Drugstore Fixes","url":"/GMA/video/beauty-911-easy-drugstore-fixes-38379217"}