Beauty Treatments in Under 30 Minutes

Becky Worley's express beauty test includes 10-minute laser treatment and 15-minute manicure.
2:19 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Beauty Treatments in Under 30 Minutes
weather, take a look at a great way, lightning fast -- I guess makeover? Now, the time crunched can get a top beauty treatment in a snap. Pretty quick tricks to try. Blow dry, concealer, laser peel, mani/pedi. All of these services and treatments, they take time. Leave it to salons in los angeles, to launch express beauty services. Start with a ten-minute laser treatment. Cost, $75. A traditional laser peel takes an hour or more and leaves you red and blotchy, for days. This is going deep into your tissue, simulating the collagen. It makes you tighter. Reporter: It's not too painful but -- smells like burning flesh. No redness. My skin seems moother. Does the one treatment make me look or feel different? No. And the company says the results are better when you're a regular customer, like heather. She comes twice a week. What I found is it's evened out my skin tone. Reporter: Another speed treatment. Makeup artists who can make you feel glam and do it fast. On the go is our signature and express service. Where you can come in. It's 20 minutes, $20. Reporter: Is 20 minutes a short time for makeup? Yes. Reporter: Oh. Clearly, I am not a makeup aficionado because I only spend about seven minutes on my regimen. We're getting gus gied up, how about the mani/pedi. The green room offered a lunch-hour 15-minute manicure. We don't doe massage. Don't soak your hands. Reporter: No massage. If beauty on the fly is the only way it's going to happen, there's a business that can get it done. For "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, los angeles. Wow. Looking good, becky worley. That was quick but it works. Let's go to sam for a final

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{"id":20469883,"title":"Beauty Treatments in Under 30 Minutes","duration":"2:19","description":"Becky Worley's express beauty test includes 10-minute laser treatment and 15-minute manicure.","url":"/GMA/video/beauty-treatments-30-minutes-20469883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}