Bedroom Temperature Wars: Products Emerge for Couples

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how she and her husband tried to settle their nightly dispute.
3:39 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Bedroom Temperature Wars: Products Emerge for Couples
index." It's back to the bedroom and the battle over temperature. Abc news senior medical contributor, dr. Jennifer ashton, has the story with a personal twist. Reporter: When the day ends in the ashton household, the sleep wars begin. He is, like, a furnace. I do generate a lot of heat. So, she leaves. Reporter: Like goldilocks, we want the temperature to be just right, for both of us. According to an unscientific survey, 43% of couples with sleep problems, cited temperature as the most common complaint. I like it. And with so many new products out there designed to help couples find temperature harmony under the sheets, we decided to check them out. First up, the brookstone bed fan, which slides right under the bedsheets. I like it. Soothing. It's cold. 23 you like sleeping with the window open, you'll love it. Next up, sheex performance sheets, made of fabric that wicks away moisture. I sweat. Reporter: Like a farm animal. When we got into bed -- I could get into. Reporter: I've never seen you happy about a bed. We're two for two. Cool zone comforter. Half of the comforter is lighter, with half of the fill for the person who likes less heat. Now, for the grand sleep daddy of them all, the tempur-rhapsody mattress. A cooling channel channels heat away from the body. It's heating up like any other bed. Reporter: Why are women usually cooler? Because they have smaller bodies. But know this, the ideal sleeping temperature for all couples, is 68 degrees. So, sleep on that. Good night. Oh, my. Jennifer ashton, just letting the cameras into the bedroom for the whole summer. The sequel. Your husband, we know him well. We talk about this a lot. We've been talking about this all morning. Everybody can relate to this story. We're all cold -- we like it colder. Why do people have such big temperature differences? We don't know, really, in medicine. If I took everyone's temperature at this table, it wouldn't be exactly the same right now. It can vary up to a degree or more. People have different metabolisms and different perception of the same temperature. Is it not like how you were raised? It's a combination. We don't really understand. Environmental, biological, behavioral. I like it cold. Some people are more prone to liking it hotter, ala pregnant women. Correct. And people who like it colder. There are categories. Pregnant women, absolutely. Women going through menopause, absolutely. People overweight, they might like it colder. I'm not pregnant or menopausal, but I like the temperature like a meat locker in my room. These things work, right? The things you tested out, you got a check of okay for? Pretty much. And that fan, we use that. It's nice. It's like a marilyn monroe bed moment. The fan under the sheets, we like that. Under the sheets? Wow. Very breezy. And the king-sized bed is coming to the ashton house today. None of us can believe they've been married for 17 years in a double-bed. It's a miracle. There will be a part three. Keep the temperatures down. I'm with you. All right. Thank you.

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{"id":19564083,"title":"Bedroom Temperature Wars: Products Emerge for Couples","duration":"3:39","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how she and her husband tried to settle their nightly dispute.","url":"/GMA/video/bedroom-temperature-wars-products-emerge-couples-19564083","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}