Ben Affleck Wins Hollywood Honors Despite Lack of Oscar Nomination

"Argo" director wins Directors Guild, Golden Globes and SAG awards.
2:44 | 02/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Affleck Wins Hollywood Honors Despite Lack of Oscar Nomination
It's being called one of the biggest oscar snubs of the year, ben affleck ignored for his critically appraised film "argo." He won the director's guild award after taking home a golden globe and s.A.G. Award. Reversal of fortune when you consider where his career was heading before he stepped behind the camera. Rachel smith joins us from los angeles. This seems to be ben affleck's year. It could be, bianna. Well, ben affleck's big win last night now makes for an intriguing oscar because dga award winners almost always go on to win the oscar for best director and their movie for best picture. Not the case this year. "Argo" is nominated for an oscar but its director, ben affleck, isn't. Ben k. Reporter: Ather mission accolished for "argo." I tried really hard, I worked really hard at this. Reporter: Its director ben affleck, the first time directors guild of america nominee taking home the award for outstanding directorial achievement for a feature film. I'm really lucky in a great place. Reporter: It is a dramatic high point into his roller coaster career the after earning an orange one for good good will hunting" bombing in the box office with "gigli" a decade ago and recently gaining hollywood's attention for directing "gone baby gone" and "the town," affleck is riding high. Look, life ebbs and flows. There are natural difficulties. I had very early success as a very young man. And -- which is difficult to manage. I think at any age but particularly when you're young and I had some stuff work and some didn't and ran afoul of the press a little bit and became overexposed causing me to turn around what do I want to do in this industry and that was around the time I took up directing. Reporter: Affleck was snubbed from the oscar directing category, but "argo" is nominated for a best picture oscar. "Argo" has won repeatedly throughout the season and now with this, the director's prize going to ben affleck and not spielberg, I think "lincoln" has become the serious underdog. Reporter: Yet "lincoln" has the most nominations, 12, including best picture and best director. And I don't think this makes knee a real director. I think it means I'm on my way. Reporter: Even before he won last night affleck said yesterday just being nominated by the dga gives him a sense of belonging as a director. Bianna and dan? I think he has a future in the industry. I think he does whether he wins for best picture or not. Well on his way. What a turnaround. It's incredible. Great movie. It is a great movie.

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{"id":18390555,"title":"Ben Affleck Wins Hollywood Honors Despite Lack of Oscar Nomination","duration":"2:44","description":"\"Argo\" director wins Directors Guild, Golden Globes and SAG awards.","url":"/GMA/video/ben-affleck-wins-hollywood-honors-lack-oscar-nomination-18390555","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}