Bengals Cheerleader Sex Scandal: Sarah Jones Pleads Guilty

Former cheerleader, teacher is charged with having a sexual relationship with a student.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bengals Cheerleader Sex Scandal: Sarah Jones Pleads Guilty
George, now to that former cincinnati bengals cheerleader and high school teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with an underage student. The trial was set for this week, but sarah jones is due in a kentucky court to accept a plea deal. Abc's paula faris joins us. It's a complete 180 for this cincinnati ben-gal's cheerleader. She pleaded not guilty to having sex with a minor but her attorneys say today she will accept a plea deal. Reporter: Abc news has learned that sarah jones, the former cheerleader and high school teacher accused of having sex with a student will avoid a very public trial. Jones' attorney said later this morning, she will accept a plea deal after originally pleading not guilty to sexual abuse. People don't know me. I ask people to hold their judgment until the truth comes out. Reporter: Prosecutors said the 26-year-old used e-mails and text messages to seduce a 16-year-old in 2011. The relationship they say led to a three-month affair with the teen. Up until now, jones denied wrongdoing, blaming the boy's ex-girlfriend for spreading lies. This has gotten out of control and it was started by high school girls. And at the end of the day, everyone will know the truth. Reporter: Jones maintains the 16-year-old boy was a friend. In a surprising twist, the teen's family shows up in court He was a family friend who I'm close with his friends. Had it not been their support, it would be have been difficult to get through this. Reporter: Abc news has learned that jones' mother, a former principal in the same district will also accept a plea deal. Mentally, sarah couldn't have done it by herself and she needed my support. Reporter: Cheryl jones was accused of tampering with evidence in a case. The hardest thing was going through, not only me going through it but having my mom go through it because what has happened to her is not fair. So my goal is for her charges to be dismissed. Now, the prosecution has no comment on that plea deal. But her attorneys tell us that it should be filed today. Had sarah jones opted for a trial, she potentially faced upwards of ten years in prison, her mother, five. Let's bring in "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. We just saw that the judge was going to allow those allegedly incriminating e-mails between jones and the boy. What role did that play? The game-changer. The minute the judge says these text messages are coming in, suddenly, sarah jones and her attorneys sat down and said, okay, these are worth it. These are being described as steamy text messages. So at the very least, you've got something that would be incredible a embarrassing to her and at the very worst, you've got incriminating against her. The minute theudge made this ruling, I bet it was that moment that the defense attorney went to the prosecutors and said, okay, I may not have been ready to cut a deal but now I am. We understand why the defense made it. Why would prosecutors agree to this? Because this wasn't that easy of a case. Yes, you've got text messages but you've got the family of the alleged victim, this boy, supporting her and saying he wasn't a victim here. So imagine now the trial takes place where you've got this young man taking the witness stand, really supporting her account. You've got his family supporting her account, her side, makes it a tough case to prosecute. What do you think this deal may look like? Well, I think it's probably a misdemeanor. Probably something like 30 days in jail. Maybe no jail time. Just probation. Something very light. Conditions that, for example, she shouldn't teach again, et cetera. But that's the sort of deal I'd expect. Remember, you were talking about something for each of the two charges here, up to five years, even if convicted of those likely would have been, let's say, a year, year and a half. With a play deal, I think you're talk a lot less. And the mom may end up winning in this as well? Yeah, I think she was the token here, basically to put pressure on her saying you don't want to play with us, we're going to charge your mom. Thank you. Let's get a check of the

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{"id":17421647,"title":"Bengals Cheerleader Sex Scandal: Sarah Jones Pleads Guilty","duration":"3:00","description":"Former cheerleader, teacher is charged with having a sexual relationship with a student.","url":"/GMA/video/bengals-cheerleader-sex-scandal-sarah-jones-pleads-guilty-17421647","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}