Bernie Madoff Says He Is 'Happier in Prison'

Barbara Walters reveals intimate details of how Madoff is feeling in prison.
3:06 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Bernie Madoff Says He Is 'Happier in Prison'
-- sat down what Bernie Madoff for a one on one exclusive talk inside the federal correctional complex. In North Carolina and barbers with us now with less than two weeks ago. No cameras allowed they do not allow cameras in prison but He talked very freely and we spent two hours with him let me go through some of the points -- He has terrible remorse He says she knows that He -- wind -- his family. During the day He doesn't think about it He said therapy He -- -- emotional lives as close to the commissary does his job doesn't think about it. At night He says she has hobbled Mike means and then He says I understand why clients like me. The gravy train is over I can remember that the average person thinks -- robbed widows and -- and I made wealthy people -- welfare. But there are many middle income families. The He shared absolutely and it talks about them He says they're going to get the principal back. At least sixty cents on the dollar. You know we can -- sure water capital Mikhail little about the suicide -- He says that while He was in jail during the four months before He was sent to prison He -- think about suicide but He didn't have the courage -- -- says in prison. He never thinks about it. He is happier in prison I will read this I feel so I think -- have -- outside. People to talk to no decisions to make. I know I -- die in prison I lived the last twenty years of my life and fair not I have enough they have because I'm no longer can count. I know He also talk to you about his wine group that they're now estranged they are estranged He says that after his son's suicide. After mock suicide which she was distraught over her and deservedly so. Have you said to him let me go out she used to go back and forth like twelve hours each way to see him after that when she said -- -- -- He said. Yes and He has not heard from him since He said -- -- doesn't hate me she has no one. This is not fair to -- so that's the end of that relationship which is the most painful part of it. For him. And you were talking alluding to that -- -- are for people to think that his He sang if life is better now hearing is imprisoned for the rest of his life after all -- he's done and He seems. At peace in some kind of well He hey you know at at one point He said something strange to -- said. Having my snow while I find myself smiling and -- horrified. It's the first time patients are nobody can even feel that way. It's the first time -- -- therapy He says that this therapist has saved. His life He says the other prisoners treat him with great respect especially the young ones and He says but they do this -- -- reasons. But He has a routine and for the first time in his life he's not afraid of being arrested He said that He lived -- this for twenty years. This did not know -- BP's his sons did not now but now at last he's been punished and you feel she does instrument does it does feel that way. You've got a lot out of -- -- -- hours that you spent with him. There -- in jail aren't sure none of us have had been under this measure we have not -- a lot of conversation probably -- another month and -- I know you talk about it on the -- That's well thank you Barbara for coming.

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{"id":14824161,"title":"Bernie Madoff Says He Is 'Happier in Prison'","duration":"3:06","description":"Barbara Walters reveals intimate details of how Madoff is feeling in prison.","url":"/GMA/video/bernie-madoff-reveals-barbara-walters-happier-prison-14824161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}