Bernie Madoff Tell-All Set to be Released

Family collaborated to write book about disgraced former Wall Street mogul.
2:06 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Bernie Madoff Tell-All Set to be Released
Now an explosive new book about disgraced former wall street finance -- Bernie Madoff will be released tomorrow his son Andrew his wife Ruth. Both cooperated for the block. And in it -- reveals that she was more hurt by her husband's mistress. Then -- as massive fraud scheme ABC's David Curley has the details. Bernie Madoff -- 151000. Investors -- Some out of their life savings. But may also wife Ruth says it was not the Ponzi scheme the -- to the most pain. She was more deeply troubled by her husband's long running affair with another woman. According to the new book. Ruth Madoff says the affair was quote the most hurtful thing that ever happened to -- the book says when Madoff revealed his scam Ruth asked what's a Ponzi scheme. She also says on sixty minutes that -- and Bernie Madoff attempted suicide. We had terrible phone calls hate them. Just. And I can't I just can't -- on -- eight. The attempt failed but she stayed with Madoff infuriating her -- one of the market took his own life. His wife recently spoke to ABC's. Chris Cuomo as he could understand how she could continuously. Standby. This man who ruined so many lives who ruined -- life. The book says Ruth Madoff confronted her husband during -- prison -- about the affair his response. Denial. And in a prison interview with Barbara Walters Bernie Madoff suggested it was this suicide of his son not an affair because the rift with Ruth. They are estranged he says that after his son's suicide when she said let -- ago. He said yes and he has not heard from -- since. Some have suggested the book the story of the attempted suicide are Ruth made us attempt to gain some public sympathy. She does also revealed in her sister and brother in law in their seventies lost money -- -- And they are now driving airport taxis for living. David currently ABC news.

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{"id":14844249,"title":"Bernie Madoff Tell-All Set to be Released","duration":"2:06","description":"Family collaborated to write book about disgraced former Wall Street mogul. ","url":"/GMA/video/bernie-madoff-set-released-14844249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}