Besser Brothers Work to Prevent HIV

Dr. Richard Besser and Dr. Mitch Besser discuss founding Mothers2Mothers.
2:20 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Besser Brothers Work to Prevent HIV
The founder of mothers to mothers. He is a member of our extended GMA family doctor Mitch best served doctor rich that's -- for the -- Brothers like -- -- gorgeous Brothers I should say. I accept lot of data while watching -- I had. -- of that evidence it's true how did you both come to do this type of work. It's in our genes are grandfather was a general practitioner my -- -- my mom's a social worker when your kids they would go to an Indian reservation in the summer and and gives back it's it's has something we were we were raised with the. What we -- pieces like this there are some in the audience is saying while wanna help I understand but we got problems right here it is and how do you. What do you say to those. People -- I don't think it's an either or. And I think if you can get people doing something when they're young you know when they're in high school where they're contributing to the community and it didn't. It feels good and you want to do more. And I mean for us it's taken us around the world and in doing incredible things but there's a feeling you get right metric what is that feeling. Making a difference energizing it's fulfilling. Its -- It's so. -- -- -- -- growing up. It's it's hard and he's much much older than I. I don't know. We've we've worked together and and -- number -- places it in Micronesia the -- I was inducted Micronesia for three years of US public health service and which came out -- and was with us for a couple -- is a pediatrician and then when I was working in Bangladesh -- -- came up. -- like the final word of mothers to mothers what do you want our audience to take away. This we can make a difference that we don't have to have any more babies and -- with HIV any longer write your representatives. Support humanitarian aid. The American people make an enormous difference in providing care to those were less fortunate -- we -- You must walk away from that much you for the work you're doing. -- and be beautiful Vassar Brothers and -- find out what you can do to help moms and babies around the world sign up. Million -- million moms challenge dot com and -- million moms challenge on FaceBook. For each of the first 100000 people who sign up or like the challenge on FaceBook Johnson & Johnson is donating one dollar to several organizations including mothers. To mothers.

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{"id":14801939,"title":"Besser Brothers Work to Prevent HIV","duration":"2:20","description":"Dr. Richard Besser and Dr. Mitch Besser discuss founding Mothers2Mothers.","url":"/GMA/video/besser-brothers-work-prevent-hiv-14801939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}