The Best Country Duets of All Time

Act 5: Robin Roberts names the top country duets, determined by an expert panel and viewer votes.
4:50 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for The Best Country Duets of All Time
You've been so patient. It is now time to reveal your vote for the greatest country duet of all time. I'm going to give you a hint and it's a pretty big one. It was a big gamble but they worked 9 to 5 to get it just right. ♪ Islands in the stream ♪ my favorite country duet of all time is by far kenny rogers and dolly parton, "islands in the stream." Come on! ♪ that's a classic, man! I think of old microphones with the big foam thing on it. ♪ Islands in the stream that is what you are ♪ I mean, that is just such a cool song! I love that song the same way like the fans do. Every time, as soon as I hear that first note on that, you know, the intro. I just wanna sing along with it. Reporter: The year was 1983, the king of pop ruled the music scene. Then the country stars aligned to bring two icons together with a much different sound. ♪ ♪ "the gambler," an international superstar with decades of smash hits. And the smoky mountain songbird who had conquered country music and tv, and had pop hits of her own. You have two monumentally famous musicians who worked well together, so, yes, it was going to be a slam dunk before they even toss the ball out there. ♪ Islands in the stream that is what we ♪ that's not my key. Well, you get in your key, and I'll do my part. Get in your key then! ♪ ♪ Reporter: "Islands in the stream" sailed its way to number one on both the pop and country charts. Eventually becoming one of the best-selling duets of all time. It was loved the whole world over, even inspiring international versions. ♪ Reporter: And a decade later, a hip-hop version. Even zombie versions. Firmly securing its place in pop culture. ♪ Sail away with me to another world and we'll rely on each other ♪ Reporter: But the greatest country duet of all time almost song a very different tune. The song was written by the kings of disco, the bee gees. And their original version was a much more soulful single. ♪ ♪ it was not necessarily written as a country hit. The gibb brothers wrote it thinking maybe they'd get it to marvin gaye. Reporter: But when barry gibb was co-producing kenny's album, he offered it to him instead. I liked it but I just couldn't sing it. It just wasn't me. You needed me. I did. And he told me. We were sittin' in there and after four days I said, "barry, I don't even like this song anymore." And he -- and I swear it was like an epiphany. He said, "we need dolly parton." Reporter: The pair had only met once before, six years earlier when kenny was a guest on dolly's variety show. It was clear even from that first meeting that the two had chemistry. We just like each other. We just -- yeah. It's just -- it's a very comfortable relationship. Reporter: So did their so-called "comfortable relationship" ever cross over into romance? We never consummated anything. We just teased each other. We never even flirted. Not in that way. But you see all us on stage and I'll guarantee you everybody thinks we did. Could we now before we die? Reporter: Now 30 years later, they are still singing together. ♪ You and me will be young again but you can't make old friends ♪ Reporter: No matter what, it's the first song that remains the most special. It's kind of the crown to -- to everything to have done the song with her and had it be accepted so highly worldwide. No matter where I go the one thing they always ask for is islands in the stream. But it's been a wonderful 30

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{"id":20798856,"title":"The Best Country Duets of All Time","duration":"4:50","description":"Act 5: Robin Roberts names the top country duets, determined by an expert panel and viewer votes.","url":"/GMA/video/best-country-duets-time-20798856","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}