Cyber Monday Deals Poised to Draw Big Sales

Online shopping already up 20 percent for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
2:11 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for Cyber Monday Deals Poised to Draw Big Sales
back. Big album coming out tomorrow. Online shopping up 20% on thanksgiving day and black friday. What will cyber monday bring. John schriffen joins us from toys "r" us in times square. Reporter: Good morning, to entice shoppers to go online, that is for people who have a holiday spending budget left. We saw record numbers this weekend, along with those wild fights of people grabbing anything in sight. This morning, the dust is finally settling from the holiday discounts and the door-busting dustups. From this brawl near sacramento that was in a victor's secret store. To full-on melees like this one in a texas mall that had chairs flying and police dogs brought in to break it up. There were plenty of shoppers fighting for deals. Police say a shop lifter even died outside this georgia walmart, possibly after being put in a chokehold by a security guard. Still, it turns out, along with all the brawls, there was an awful lot of buying too. The national retailer association says a staggeri iing 247 million shoppers hit websites to cash in. Up 9% from last year. Two-thirds of those shoppers hilt the stores or hit the web on black friday. This is my first black friday shopping. Yeah, it's probably my last. Reporter: And while department stores bested online sales over the weekend, this morning as black friday becomes cyber monday, experts predict a spike in online shopping but retailers offering deep discounts on the internet, just as workers return to their desks. Experts say it's important to do your homework today, if you see a deal, grab it. The limited supplies, it might not be there the rest of the season. And toys "r" us actually started sales yesterday. Up to 80% off, amy. And so much safer, it looks like. Thanks so much.

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{"id":17809612,"title":"Cyber Monday Deals Poised to Draw Big Sales","duration":"2:11","description":"Online shopping already up 20 percent for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.","url":"/GMA/video/best-cyber-monday-deals-poised-draw-big-sales-17809612","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}