Best friends reunite after 16 years when their daughters meet in college

Two college roommates made the remarkable discovery that their mothers were best friends sixteen years earlier.
4:55 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Best friends reunite after 16 years when their daughters meet in college
We start off this half hour with a lovely story about friendship and the day it all began when two college roommates realized their moms were long lost best friends out of touch for 16 years. T.J., you were there for the big reunion. I'm not really a fate, destiny, soul mate, it's mefrnts to be kind of guy but this story will make you a believer. Two women best friends lost touch completely 16 years ago. Fast forward 16 years, their daughters end up in college together and roommates together. Had no idea about the moms' connection. We just had to do a little lying to make this reunion happen. When you uc berkeleyly students roaya and nissma met their connection was instant. We hit it off right away. We're both premed, both Canadian. Both Moroccan. Reporter: Their bond so great they decided to room together for their sophomore year but on move-in day an unbelievable discovery. I was facetiming my mom in the other room and I thought I'd bring her out to meet nissma's dad. They talked for only a few minutes but in that time span we realized that not only were they neighbors, but our moms were actually best friends 16 years ago. Reporter: We found out we have baby pictures together. All I can think of this is insane. How often do you find out that one of your best friends as a young adult, you actually have baby pictures with that you don't even remember. Reporter: Their moms, saida and Naima were pregnant together. They lived down the street together. Used to talk, used to have dinner. Reporter: So what happened? 16 years ago roaya's family moves from Canada toive vine, California. A year later nissma's family relocated tonorthern Virginia their families split by 2,000 miles. When they left I don't think they had a phone. They didn't have a computer using library computers so it made it completely impossible to find the other person. Reporter: But long lost friends are about to reunite. They have no idea. Yeah, they have no idea. Reporter: So the ladies pack up and hop a plane bound for new York, operation mommy reunion is officially under way. Somewhere in the car. And New York is looking good. Reporter: The duo splits up and separately meet their moms both also in Manhattan. Neither have any idea they're about to reunite. My mom is in the other room. She still has no idea. Reporter: The daughters convince the moms to spend the morning in central park where the big reunion is about to go down. Roaya and her mom are just through here sitting on a park bench. Now, mom has no idea why she's really here. She also doesn't have a idea that her daughter's friend, nissma, and her mom are right down here waiting and the two moms haven't seen each other in 16 years. This is about to happen. And it's about to happen right now. Come on. Hey, mom. Hi. I'm T.J. Holmes. I'm saida. Good to meet you. Excited about being to New York. Come with me right now. We're not going far. Come on. Come on. Come on. You might recognize your daughter's friend here. Hi. And then the mom. Oh, my gosh. I missed you. I missed you too. Oh, my gosh. Hi, nissma. Ladies, here you go. Here you go. You guys were best friends. She was my best friend and my family. And now what. Now what are we going to do? Family will get together. A happy reunion 16 years in the making. You made the point, robach. Weren't they able to stay in touch all they had was back in landlines, no Facebook. It would have been easier. No facetiming. So they completely lost touch. Now they have plans to actually reconnect, visit. She's like come see me. I'm in San Diego. We got nice weather out here. But it was very cool to see but I don't know. It makes you believe in something else. How great that they had baby pictures together and randomly ended up as roommates. Uc Berkeley. In college. At a big college rooming together, both premed. Just something else is at work here. I'm not that kind of fate, destiny guy. Now you are. Why is this guy T.J. Holmes coming up to me in the park? Right. You wouldn't believe how many people have asked themself that question before. Spend a lot of time in the park. Great story, T.J.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Two college roommates made the remarkable discovery that their mothers were best friends sixteen years earlier. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49504827","title":"Best friends reunite after 16 years when their daughters meet in college","url":"/GMA/video/best-friends-reunite-16-years-daughters-meet-college-49504827"}