Best Holiday Looks for Under $150

Good Housekeeping magazine's Lori Bergamotto shares holiday looks for every budget.
3:16 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Best Holiday Looks for Under $150
It's the most wonderful time to get dressed up and celebrate the holidays counting down to Christmas with the best looks for the season and all of these are going to be $150 or less. "Good housekeeping's" style director Lori bergamotto is here. So many getting ready for our holiday parties. Ours might have been last night. We go to them. Sometimes at home. What's the one thing to remember when you plan what to wear. Know your audience. Take the temperature of the room. You don't want to be the girl completely overdressed for a casual gig. To that end we have some models to show you what to do. Let's start with what to wear to the office party. Alejand Alejandro, come on out. Here she comes. A great look. The thing we wanted to do is talk about basics. An outfit you might have in your home so white:30, black skirt and it's all about jazzing it up with some accessories and gave her this amazing glittery belt from azos. Get creative with your accessories. Those are black pumps $20 from cupid and added a hair up clip. You can do hair clips or go to the craft store. We are "Good housekeeping" so we are crafty. I love the earrings. Beautiful and elegant. Next we have Sasha. These going to show us how to dress for a house party. Festive and cozy. Fest and soty. You want to be festive but comfortable, think about a house party, it gets hot and everyone is standing near the kitchen. I don't know why that happens. You want to wear something that's nice and lightweight and, Amy, the other thing we did here going to shop for an outfit there are bargains, old Navy sweater. Isn't that so fun? The jeans here are less than two cartons of eggnog, $11 from forever 21 and give her these shoes because they're gunmetal and that heel gives her enough elevation to feel polished but really comfortable. You want to be practical. I really like this outfit. I might be stealing it. It lasts beyond January 2nd. Sara who is going to show us the best way to dress for a night out. Okay, so far all seen the women that fall into the trap of the little black dress that might be a little too festive, let's say. What we loved about this, alternative to that black dress in the color of 2015 which was Marsala. Ending off with a bang from loft under $50. Lace because it's a little feminine but with the shoes we paired it's edgy. 85% feminine, 15% edgy and that's what makes great fashion. Let's bring out all the models. All great looks and stressing, all of these under $150. Head to toe, people. Head to toe. So incredible. Jiang issue of "Good housekeeping" is on newsstands now to find out where to buy these looks go to our website on Yahoo! Lori, thanks again.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Good Housekeeping magazine's Lori Bergamotto shares holiday looks for every budget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35773736","title":"Best Holiday Looks for Under $150","url":"/GMA/video/best-holiday-150-35773736"}