The Best Way to Make Up After an Argument With Your Partner

Psychologists say there are five steps to defuse arguments.
3:00 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for The Best Way to Make Up After an Argument With Your Partner
Kicking off "Heat index." We all saw it in "The wall Street journal," the best way to make up after an argument with your partner. One of the top stories overnight on that website and it's like I'll just say there are five steps, let's see if we can guess them. Calm down -- Don't say calm down to your wife. Keep that out. Next instead of focusing on who was right or wrong think about the other person's feelings. That's basic. Third, tell them you understand how they feel. Number four, accept responsibility. Oh. And, finally, accept that it may take time to feel better. That's a tough one. I think all of those are tough actually. It's all easy to put on paper and makes sense. In reality when you're really mad that's hard to do. You know the rules and you want to throw them out. Slam the door. Honestly, you should go online and check it out. The steps where it's a little box in the article. Just hang it up because they're really helpful. And the smart ones that really said don't be so -- in such a hurry to say you're sorry. Sometimes you feel that's the east Yi way to get out of it. I do that. Avoidance is not the right way. That's just simmering. You don't want to hear it at all? You're never arguing about what you're arguing about. You want to hear when it's real not a way to get out of the conversation. Sorry. I think the feeling thing is really try to think about how it all started and what the other person is going through and they may not be right but you understand their feelings. I know. Okay. We want to know what you think. Who is the first to say I'm sorry, you or your partner. Tweet us @gma, #socialsquare. Prince George is turning 1 next week and it was not too long ago that we were soaking wet in the rain waiting for it. The little prince is featured on the cover of the latest issue of "People" magazine full of details about his first year. He is so cute. I bet he just smells delicious too. I want to pitch those cheeks. Beautiful. And apparently little George loves dog and loudly popping balloons. Some things he's not a fan of bath time and stuffed animals. This is a guy that likes trucks. And bunnies apparently too. According to his mom his royal highness is far more interested in helicopters, anything with wheel, exactly. As for a sibling for George, everybody is talking about this. A little brother or sister could be on the way -- this is all such speculation, leave them Alo alone. Let them have a year with their son. The palace not commenting but the couple say they would like to have a sibling for him and are when they are ready. And Amy and I volunteer to go to London again. Yes. All right. Also trending right now, Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway going incognito for a brand-new music video for jenny lewis and it's called "Just one of the guys" and put on mustache, matching track suit, love that and doing a little break dancing. It's been trending on Facebook since it launched on Tuesday and I love it. They look good. Yeah, I have to say we've done that before for our Oscar thing where we got to dress up as -- I remember. It's liberating. For you it is. You look like a Swedish viking -- That's when I was Thor. Another volunteer. I saw you in the hallway that day. I had no idea who you were. I totally got into it. The girls said they did too. Got it in as rappers. Everybody is talking about it. That's why it's on "Heat index." Up next in "Heat index." A viral video sharing a dad and

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{"id":24580047,"title":"The Best Way to Make Up After an Argument With Your Partner","duration":"3:00","description":"Psychologists say there are five steps to defuse arguments.","url":"/GMA/video/best-make-argument-partner-24580047","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}