Best Moments of the Billboard Music Awards

Check out the most memorable highlights from the Las Vegas awards ceremony.
2:48 | 05/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Best Moments of the Billboard Music Awards
It was an amazing night at the billboard music awards in las Vegas. So many captivating performances and somehow the king of pop managed to top them all. ? Old but I'm not that old." Reporter: The billboard music awards were jam packed with the hottest musical acts, present and past. And an amazing feat. That is not an impersonator. ? the technical wizardry not only brought Michael Jackson center stage but had the whole world scratching its head. ? and Katy Perry taking her birthday performance up, up and away. ? Like a birthday every day ? Justin Timberlake. Reporter: Justin won seven awards including top artist. But made sure not to thank one person in particular. Everybody on Earth except, except Donald sterling. From no love lost to winning back a lost love. Robin Thicke tried to clear up blurred lines between him and his ex-wife. I'd like to thank my wife for her love and support and for putting up with me all these years. Reporter: Later in the show he debuted a song he wrote for her called "Get her back." ? What I want to do is get you back ? ? Reporter: And there were other buzz worthy moments. Carrie Underwood and Miranda lambert performing "Something bad" together. ? Lucy in the sky." Reporter: There was Miley channeling her inner beatle and ke$ha making one of her first appearances since leaving rehab for an eating disorder. 17-year-old "Royals" sensation lord took home top new artist and top rock song. ? I know a little bit something good ? Reporter: But it was Jennifer Lopez who made history becoming the first woman ever to take home the icon award. Thank you. I love you. Good night. Jennifer Lopez looking good. The biggest moment of the night by far on both social and search was Michael Jackson's performance. Tweets just pouring in from you all night. So many of you weighing in and our "Gma" flash poll voting whether the king of pop's performance was cool or creepy? 33% of you said it was cool. 67% thought it was a little bit creepy but everybody agreed it was truly a thriller and coming up, more on how they pulled off that performance. Guys, it really was incredible. It was. Not even close on the cool and creepy. I think it was cool and creepy. Both should have been an option. Thank you, Lara. Now to the fires in the

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Check out the most memorable highlights from the Las Vegas awards ceremony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23774742","title":"Best Moments of the Billboard Music Awards","url":"/GMA/video/best-moments-billboard-music-awards-23774742"}