Best, Worst Super Bowl Ads

John Berman ranks the best and worst big game ads.
2:31 | 02/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Best, Worst Super Bowl Ads
Get right to that other big contests on Super Bowl -- does add to battle the ads. Three and a half million dollars the average cost for a 32 commercial almost -- 1171000. Dollars -- second. Did -- get their money's worth ABC's John Berman has the story. The super board and with an almighty adventure -- since dogs hit rock and roll. There was no -- six until for a sixth beyond six Toyota's next eighteen -- six full Monty Beckham. Even -- since Alex that everybody. -- -- -- Do you still in full flight in dogs' pictures dug in. -- -- -- And then restaurant filmed John -- Samsung video and Motley -- Not to mention the parade of -- bears and monkeys. But which did you like the most a super powered analysis of all social media Twitter -- FaceBook from blew inland a social TV analytics company. Reveals the most popular was. The Great Dane who implicitly rubbed out the family can't be used to -- -- as hush money. This bond was made for just twenty bucks. But -- -- group one million dollars in the contest -- garrido. The most talked about had experienced positive and -- -- -- -- good long look at David's death. Almost all the deeply connected -- -- again when more than 80% of those weighing in. When it. People are out of work there. Tops among men these uplifting -- to Detroit from Clint Eastwood and Chrysler. It is halftime in America. Time Mayer. It is legal right really. Fifty point five million dollars for a 32 spot for advertisers these all of those leaky memories it's didn't. It apparently something sticks about scantily clad women near here naked Beckham's into the corners. Dvds. Will it make you -- stuff who knows but it sure makes you look. Good Morning America John Berman ABC news. Do you. I'm got a -- every time and we check our demos perfectly I love the Clint Eastwood and your family Beckham -- I did as a as an somebody's been half -- -- shrieking at my eldest son to stop torturing his younger brother her I -- that -- and.

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{"id":15520746,"title":"Best, Worst Super Bowl Ads","duration":"2:31","description":"John Berman ranks the best and worst big game ads.","url":"/GMA/video/best-super-bowl-commercials-battle-ads-15520746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}