Bethenny Frankel Shares Life Secrets From a Skinny Girl

Reality star talks tips on how to have it all with new book "Skinnygirl Solutions."
3:26 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bethenny Frankel Shares Life Secrets From a Skinny Girl
line. Skinny girl solutions. So many great tips in the book. I don't know how you juggle it all. You talk about that a lot in the books. You give great, pragmaticed adv advice. It's tips for a party. How to have your house be organized. How to look good every day. How a woman gets through life. A survival guide. You mentioned party. Bring on the mocktails. Thank you. How are you? Gary, you look so handsome. First of all, cheers to gary. Thank you. Cheers. I often look -- as a girlfriend, wonder how you do it all, as a mom. Running a corporation, now. Not only with your product line. But now, the talk show. Is there ever a moment when you think, I need someone to give me advice? I do. I talk to everyone. Everyone around me. I talk to women around me to figure out just what they're going through. How they get through it. I think all women are going through similar things at different times. We really can't have it all at once. I thought we could. But some things one day. Other things the next day. And women just do more than you could ever humanly possibly imagine. But thing you give advice on is party planning. I forgot, you used to be a party planner. I thought it would be fun to get your easiest, simplest, party tips. You should have a signature cocktail. Pictures that are ready. Or skinny girl cocktail, of course. You should always have music just ready. A play list. And it's not so crazy music when people eating dinner. You shouldn't be a stressed out party host. You should bring a gift. And lighting is important. No bright lighting. Candlelight and dim lights. I have that in the book, as well. And a gift doesn't mean spending a lot of money. It can be coasters. Something you make. It can be olive oil with herbs in it, that you have to recycle the bodttle. That's what skinny girl solutions is all about. We love games here on "gma." We have a came called would you ever. So, here we go. I just pull one out? Pull one out and ask me whatever. I'm turning it around. Hopefully I'm okay with that. Would you ever date a significantly older man? What's significant? My range is 15. My range is 19 to 90. Someone's 89, absolutely. I'm 42. I would date someone 15 years older. You would? I would. I would date no one right now. But in theory, in my fantasy life, yes. In your fantasy life. What's 15 on 42. The cap might be right around there. One more. Would you ever give up your career for a man? No. Bethenny frankel. Skinny girl solutions. And my show. Thank you for being here.

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{"id":20176482,"title":"Bethenny Frankel Shares Life Secrets From a Skinny Girl","duration":"3:26","description":"Reality star talks tips on how to have it all with new book \"Skinnygirl Solutions.\"","url":"/GMA/video/bethenny-frankel-shares-life-secrets-skinny-girl-20176482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}