'Hot in Cleveland' Stars Hope They Don't 'Screw Up' Live Episode

Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick discuss challenge of live TV.
2:15 | 06/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hot in Cleveland' Stars Hope They Don't 'Screw Up' Live Episode
cleveland" are doing their first episode from hollywood. And abbie boudreau will tell us how the season kicks off. Reporter: You are going live. The women who play unconventional housemates on "hot in cleveland," are about to do something most actors fear the most, a live show. Betty said the other day, what if I screw up? You'll make the audience so happy. What's the point of working a live show if somebody doesn't screw up? Reporter: No cue cards or laugh tracks or second takes. The entire 30-minute season premiere, airing wednesday on tvland, will be shot on the fly. What does happen in a live show if you forget your lines? We look at each other. There is always a -- i unbutton my blouse. Reporter: While they're used to taping in front of a live studio audience, this, they say is completely different. I've had butterflies for a couple weeks. Reporter: Valerie bertinelli is feeling the pressure. But not so much about her lines. I think the problem will be, I don't know if it's a problem, is just looking at each other and just giggles. And tripping over the furniture, which happens. A lot. Reporter: And making the audience laugh, shouldn't be a problem, with betty white as their leading lady. We're with -- oh. I can talk about it in front of her. It is like having a master class someoneho just knows their stuff. I apologize. They had drinks before the show. Reporter: But all the laughter and nerves aside, they're hoping for a hit. What do you think about right before you stand on stage? Oh, god. We do a huddle before every show. We get together after we say hello to the audience. And I think we know we're in it. All for one and one for all. We're in it together. And keep the tips. Reporter: Forod morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick discuss challenge of live TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19402121","title":"'Hot in Cleveland' Stars Hope They Don't 'Screw Up' Live Episode","url":"/GMA/video/betty-white-hot-cleveland-interview-2013-valerie-bertinelli-19402121"}