Celebrity, Politician Hacking Scandal Might Be Hoax

A hacking scandal that posted financial information of stars and politicians online might be a fraud
2:09 | 03/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity, Politician Hacking Scandal Might Be Hoax
Now to the reports of what could be a massive hacking scandal. Financial information from some very famous people has been posted online. The list of possible victims runs from michelle obama and joe biden to kim kardashian. But is the information real? Abc's abb bie boudreau brings it to us. Reporter: The department of justice tells us it will investigate. From the first lady, the vice president to beyonce and jay-z, this morning more than a dozen celebrity a-listers and political heavy hitters have aler had their most private financial details hacked or are now the victims of an elaborate hoax. On monday a website, the name of which abc news is not disclosing posted what hackers claim to be the social security numbers, credit card and personal banking information of a rapidly expanding list of stars in washington officials. The site's so-called secret files claim to reveal everything from how much kim kardashian pays for her car lease to ashton curber's american express bill. Overnight abc news continued to reach out to those listed. So far none have commented. And now some experts believe this entire site could be a fraud designed to embarrass celebrities. I'm very suspect of information that's released online that goes against the very reason you steal them. It's to use them so is this a prank, is it a hoax. Is it to get attention? Reporter: In addition to the first lady, the website also targets fbi director robert mueller and u.S. Attorney geral eric holder. This morning the department of justice tells abc news it's now investigating. The site which appears to originate in russia shows more than 100,000 views since monday. Now investigators are hoping they can hunt down and shut down those behind it. This morning we tried one of the phone numbers listed for the vice president and turned out to be a delaware feed store so will take digging to reveal what's real and not. You never know out there. Abbie, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"A hacking scandal that posted financial information of stars and politicians online might be a fraud","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18708522","title":"Celebrity, Politician Hacking Scandal Might Be Hoax","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-jay-hillary-clinton-finance-hacking-scandal-hoax-18708522"}