Beyonce Weight Loss After Baby Wows Fans

Singer sheds baby weight two months after giving birth, gets ready to perform.
5:20 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce Weight Loss After Baby Wows Fans
And -- a Beyonce looking stunning. With a newly slim figure with -- this two months after giving -- kidney and she is actually getting ready to perform again names. Anchor along with being here. With all the latest and beyond me trying sending a message and I just look. Look like that you -- I'm happy yeah capital let me raise I think he also unrepentant after -- -- lied about. But -- -- that looked amazing First Lady Michelle Obama as we know was in town for a fund raiser Monday night but it was Beyonce is stunning post baby body that stole the show. And everything did Monday night when Beyonce stepped out to support Michelle Obama -- -- New York fund loser. Decked out in a blue form fitting Victoria Beckham dressed. Body after baby has never looked so good. It's only been ten weeks since a very pregnant Beyonce delivered her little girl there's no hiding that Beyonce it looks absolutely spectacular. The woman who called her Alter ego Sasha fierce is known to give -- work out -- worked out. It's how she manages to get those nonstop powerhouse performances. Fiance has always been. -- devoted to her body and to working out but now there are reports that celebrity trainer -- Borges has moved in with her. Working out with her two times -- day the two hour sessions. Doing everything from calling metrics to pull bodies. She is even rumored to be living on protein shakes and why don't -- pineapple chunks and tons of ice cold water. In -- -- -- when he special in December she told ABC's -- -- she always try to stay in control you know. I've been really conscious. And and trying my best not to lose control because I've met so many people that say my second baby mother baby I learned my lesson. So I had him -- gone crazy. The pop superstar is now preparing for her first post baby -- it. Announced on her website in Atlantic City over Memorial Day weekend just press the -- yeah. And back down towards your chest and make -- the revolution celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak knows about helping celebrities get their body back after baby. I think the biggest issue new moms face. He is one finding time -- -- when -- I find time for me to be able to exercise. But it looks like Beyonce is ready to -- back. Give back then. Now style experts say it was no coincidence that Beyonce went with the blue theme for the night everything from her dress to her nails and her strapping high heeled shoes -- blue. In honor of her newborn baby girl. -- like being clear about one -- you are -- you look terrific. But -- -- -- that I had absolutely yeah I don't know why we ended in this story when she looks amazing I doubt in my head hasn't yet written a candidate.

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{"id":15969218,"title":"Beyonce Weight Loss After Baby Wows Fans","duration":"5:20","description":"Singer sheds baby weight two months after giving birth, gets ready to perform.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-knowles-weight-loss-baby-wows-fans-15969218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}