Beyonce, 1 of World's Tiniest Puppies, on 'GMA'

Beth Decaprio explains the amazing birth of the dog that has fascinated the web.
2:29 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Beyonce, 1 of World's Tiniest Puppies, on 'GMA'
Here we are now the ASEAN her siblings -- a buck and a -- -- bottom bottom couldn't wait. I think this adds I jagr. There are no moves like I have at daggers that played some of them of course that the camper here the fairy godmother -- harassing -- for months everyone internally mom Casey Casey and dance. See you this is an incredible story you actually saved. This tiny tiny little girl just a few weeks ago -- that -- the -- -- suspensions and you bring your then here are really important. Reason these were all rescued seeing their policy for an option -- had there's so many sadly. Mom and a puppies were going to be euthanized Santa in this case they were fortunate not to be able to go to rescue that so many are not able to do that -- -- with. Really hope the people not only think about spaying and neutering their pets we have we euthanize millions of puppies and dogs each year since. -- -- -- -- but also go get a rescue dog because these guys are hardy there's about their significant yeah. Pat Shelton who had so we -- come rescue dogs at home otherwise I would be to -- yeah. -- Hansen -- that she's she's such a cutie pie. It's incredible you know she's going to get a little that they. She is -- get bigger to be honest we you know she wouldn't we thought she was gonna be stillborn and -- we really have no idea how big -- get. By the charts they say about a pound or pound and a half -- You know we're hoping that -- in Washington and I think that only grown man at this point I think that she has a shot at being a healthy unit until I asked him. Really do you know -- at first didn't know when but she does everything just like her siblings Jesus much smaller and death but she is trillions of I think he's he's taken such good care -- -- have -- got a little I'm glad got a little help this little yes. So if she only comes in the pound pound and happened -- -- shot. At the world's smallest -- what we just received notice from the world record academy that she is declared the world's smallest cut feed it doesn't actually have a category for puppy. -- but she's a full term -- and and we're hoping that. Guinness book of world records were -- will also look at that as a new category and and in she is in -- -- world and the world academy she is that. The smallest puppy in the world pregnant -- we are honored wanted to adopt these well you know -- -- grace foundation of northern California they can go to our website we and many other dogs and and if people would like to support. Every dollar helps to be able to saving the animals says thank you so much how Latina Isabel here -- -- real -- any -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Beth Decaprio explains the amazing birth of the dog that has fascinated the web.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16002395","title":"Beyonce, 1 of World's Tiniest Puppies, on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-worlds-tiniest-puppies-gma-16002395"}