Beyonce: The World's Tiniest Puppy

Rescue organization saves the life of this adorable puppy.
3:25 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for Beyonce: The World's Tiniest Puppy
-- she is in my -- I don't let. The world's tiniest -- -- only two weeks ago -- a rescuer Doug. She's shaken just a little bit but that's not because she's unhappy he's just trying to -- and I'm holding her back we're in a letter walking just a second. But first we're gonna -- -- the back story of this magnificent little creature check it out. Ha she is the size of an iPhone necessarily bigger than a cookie not even four inches long. You can holder -- the palm of your hand and yet she is healthy happy and adorable. -- born two weeks ago her mother Casey was abandoned by her owners and she lived on the streets until animal control picked her up. She was pregnant but she was set to be put down until the good people of the grace foundation rescued her and helped her deliver. She gave birth to several pubs and this girl was the last. Veterinarians thought she was stillborn initially but CPR brought her back to life. She weighed only ounces she could fit into -- -- That's why her Foster parents gave her the name. Fiance after the sun. I'm a survivor. Now after four weeks of being fed by hand. Baby Beyonce -- a whopping four ounces still small enough to fit inside a -- But big enough to be look at her new home on. Its home. He is innocent until this is one of the coolest thing. -- might -- -- she's. -- -- DiCaprio is here that you are. The owner right now I in the Foster parents are apparently not so is that correct that you gave -- -- percent sanction. I did I have to. I I did my first -- -- it was successful thank goodness he says she didn't seem viable when she first you know actually her ultrasound that we thought she was stillborn and Iliad and when she came out she was moving a little bit and and and -- -- in Ireland general that was fueled -- get her heart beating news and then he. He handed her over to means that you got to do -- not to not gonna. It's certainly better governance issues until it happens -- you better check that she's safe to travel that his client haven't yet mom -- actually likes to be with us says she's a very young mom and says she's better -- -- that she had an accident to sit on her left on the trip and that. She actually gets us to herself so she's pretty happy we're happy is has to be with us anyway because it has to be supplement right now and miscellaneous. -- -- -- Surprise as well as -- -- -- yes absolutely I think the biggest part of this is people are trying to breathe small dogs. -- this is a dog that wasn't meant to these markets are not a creamy but this -- rescued pup that really survives and terrible things and many others sadly and unable to to survive and at some point she will be -- -- will we have about twenty dogs up for adoption at the ranch many moms and babies right now and and we are accepting applications for her and to accept things -- that people think about a rescue -- I think after this Steve Buchanan. 30000 and let us that the candidates such a pleasure to have you on our nation -- -- Nazis -- year survivor time. I'm reminded a happy man who will be right back mark CNN --

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{"id":15992934,"title":"Beyonce: The World's Tiniest Puppy","duration":"3:25","description":"Rescue organization saves the life of this adorable puppy. ","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-worlds-tiniest-puppy-rescue-organization-adorable-dog-us-15992934","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}