Beyonce's Latest Album Release Rubs Mega Retailers the Wrong Way

Target and Amazon refuse to stock pop star's CD after she sold album exclusively on iTunes.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Transcript for Beyonce's Latest Album Release Rubs Mega Retailers the Wrong Way
Beyonce and her battle against amazon and target. The retail giants in one corner. They've refused to sell her newest video cd because she gave to it itunes first. They may just have to deal. Linsey davis is here with more on that. Good morning, lara. In new video released last night, she said she had doubts. She envisioned the worst possible thengs that could happen. So far, the only fallout from amazon and target. The drunk in love diva dazzled as she arrived at her new york city album release party over the weekend the. The same album she kept secret. I have never done anything so brave in my life. Reporter: And in this video released overnight, the sipger came clean. ♪ Drunk in love ♪ I really, really wanted to surprise people and for them to hear the art. For it not to be about the hype and promotion. Reporter: Target and amazon might bet ber described as shuns. Both target and amazon are refusing to stock the cd version of the 32-year-old's seefl titled album. The problem, when beyonce wowed her fans earlier this month with a visual album, she sold the album exclusively on itunes. Where it set a new itunes record, selling more than 1 million copies in just five days. ♪ In the darkest night ♪ Reporter: The one-week exclusive deal with itunes made an impressive $9.5 million. While most retailers are choosing to sell the album, target and amazon are united. They're saying, you can't boss us around anymore. You can't tell us what we get a piece of and what we don't. Reporter: When we tried to talk to them, amazon refused comment. Target gave us a quote. We're focused on albums that are released in all formats at the same time. Another unexpect move. Attention walmart shoppers. Reporter: She paid a surprise visit to this massachusetts walmart. She gave all the shoppers inside $50 fwift cards. Almost $38,000 in free money. And then dropped one of her own CDs INTO HER OWN SHOPPING CART. Merry, merry christmas from beyonce. Reporter: There are reports that amazon may take further action against sony music and columbia. In the meantime, the sales continue. The reign of queen b. I'll say. Spectacular. And you always want an extra copy of your own cd. Last minute, last minute,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Target and Amazon refuse to stock pop star's CD after she sold album exclusively on iTunes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21308189","title":"Beyonce's Latest Album Release Rubs Mega Retailers the Wrong Way","url":"/GMA/video/beyonces-latest-album-release-rubs-mega-retailers-wrong-21308189"}