Bianna Golodryga, Ginger Zee Take on Mount Washington New Hampshire

"GMA" anchors show viewers what it takes to scale the highest peak in the northeast.
4:28 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Bianna Golodryga, Ginger Zee Take on Mount Washington New Hampshire
Bitter cold, ice and wind, that is not the forecast, but this time it's bianna and I'll idea of a good time as we scale the tallest peak in the northeast. Ginger and I geared up for a trek up mt. Washington with an elevation of almost 6300 feet, sometime, you know, a girl's just got to live on the edge. Reporter: After our 13,000-foot plunge to earth and hurtling 150 miles per hour around a nascar track. Great job. Reporter: When my husband enrighted ginger and me along to climb mt. Washington in the dead of winter we figured what's a little hike up 6,288 feet of the world's worst weather. Combination of winds and fog, low visibility, snow, it can dish out an amazingly intense storm and can change dramatically. 140 people have died on that mountain from falls, exposure, hypothermia. So, okay, I'm excited. I'm just glad we have a crack team of guides to get us ready. This is almostnteed not to happen but sliding down the hill on your back. Get the ax above you. When I'm sliding I'll remember my tutorial and peter. Having learned a few safety tricks we got r&r at the mt. Washington hotel and got a bright and early start determined to best mountain. Whoo! Reporter: Let's not forget the place of the summits of treasurerry and power. It's staffed with volunteers who face winds over 100 miles per hour. Temperatures well below zero. That isn't to say they don't love what they do turning armageddon-like cool into fun experiments like freezing bubbles. And making snow out of hot water. Thankfully luck and the warm sun was shining upon us as we set out along the path. Whoo. Reporter: And all of its beautiful scenery. After you. Thank you. This is the -- easy part is over. Reporter: From here on out it was time to break out the crampons and ice axes as we got into some serious climbing whoo-hoo! Reporter: So worth it as we earn our first peak of the gorgeous view on this clear day. This is not a green screen behind us. It's all real and after four hours of scrambling and huffing and puffing, my heart was pounding so hard, the microphone picked it up. Not to mention braving those frigid temperatures. Freezing. We finally get some good news from our guide, steve. All right, we're coming up to the final push here. Oh, great. There we are. Oh. Before you get any ideas about the so-called home stretch, take a look at it from this angle. One last look at the ground we covered, hiking over five miles and ascending more than 4,000 feet. It was time to finish this thing. 6,288 feet. Done. Whoo! And while bianna had to warm up and thaw out, I couldn't wait to see the observatory myself. Heaven. It looks like it too with the clouds. See that. I love the observatory. Exactly, so we still make our measurements today the exact same way the observatory has for the past 80 years and as you can see we're at about 9 degrees right now. How is the hike? Was it worth it? Completely work it which makes it all the better. A sling side crometer. Kenny behind my camera was with us. Thanks everybody who hosted us. Bianna, you rocked that climb. It was fantastic. So did you. I cried a little. T include that in the piece nor did we include ginger doing the yoga poses. For those wondering at home we did not climb down. We took a snowcat down. I think well deserved. Sling sicrometer. Coming up on "gma" who says

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{"id":18455892,"title":"Bianna Golodryga, Ginger Zee Take on Mount Washington New Hampshire","duration":"4:28","description":"\"GMA\" anchors show viewers what it takes to scale the highest peak in the northeast.","url":"/GMA/video/bianna-golodryga-ginger-zee-mount-washington-hampshire-18455892","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}