'The Bible' Cast: 'Hot Jesus' Responds to Twitter Nickname

Stars of the hit History Channel miniseries give sneak peek at series finale.
5:06 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for 'The Bible' Cast: 'Hot Jesus' Responds to Twitter Nickname
Finally in our "gma heat index" one of the biggest hits on tv now, huge hit, "the bible," the premiere of it is the number one rated cable show of the year drawing tens of millions of viewers and here with a sneak peek of the upcoming finale are some of its stars joining us live for their first tv interview, roma downey plays mary, the co-producer with her wonderful husband mark burnett. Diogo morgado who plays jesus. Darwin shaw is peter and playing sampson's mother with no name we'll discuss is the wonderful sharon duncan brewster. Welcome all. Thank you. I want to start with you, roma, what a passion project for you and for mark and you were right. You thought if we make it, people will watch. Oh, it's been amazing and have they watched. We believe that by the time the easter sunday episode finishes, more than 100 million people will have seen all five episodes of "the bible." It's going to sound silly, but what do you think it is? Do you think it's the fact that you've made these characters that -- that you've brought them back to life, so to speak? I know you talked about sort of a visual updating of something. Your children watched "the ten commandments." They thought it wasn't cool enough anymore. Is that what's done it to bring these important stories back to life. I think absolutely. It was the fresh visual retelling of the greatest story that was ever written. Yeah. I think the faithful have found it and particularly on easter week what better way to celebrate the easter miracle than to gather around the television as a family on easter sunday. But it's begun a dialogue, you know, all across the country are talking about the bible around the watercooler, around the kitchen table and that's very encouraging. 100 million people will have watched and we have an exclusive peek at the finale which airs this sunday. Everybody, take a look at this scene. My son. Don't be afraid. Everything is possible with god. ♪ so powerful and so beautifully shot. How do you play the most famous mother in history? How do you find that in you? Well, you know, I have loved jesus my whole life. I have loved mary my whole life and I a mother myself so i just step into the role with a mother's heart to feel the things that a mother might to see them through a mother's eyes and during the course of filming, I have loved this man next me, diogo morgado. Can I embarrass him a little bit? It's so easy. It's incredibly powerful. You've gotten -- you've become quite popular on twitter with your own hashtag. And I didn't make this up. Everybody on twitter calling you hashtag hot jesus. Uh. It's official that I am embarrassed. And now what's next? Most famous mother. Most famous name in the history of the world. How do you find that character? I don't know. I guess I'm still searching. I guess it's, first of all, it's -- we start by understanding this is not a role, this is a figure that it's pretty much alive eve single day for billions around the world. Yeah. So, first of all, you have to take it with understanding that. Did you call your parents and say, listen to the part I just got. First of all, I freaked out. I panicked. Then I calmed down. I really -- and then I made a phone call and they were really happy obviously. They were super happy and -- i mean I think -- I think -- none of us were expecting this success and the way that it's touching people and I mean I'm -- daily I'm surprised by the way people are just manifesting themselves about the show. Go on to twitter. You won't believe. Extraordinary. You will believe. Diogo's portrayal is really touching people's lives. It's inspiring and it's hopeful and people are hungry for hope. And I just want to say really quickly to darwin and sharon, incredible job playing peter and samson's mother and I know miracless abound. "The bible" airing sunday.

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{"id":18829901,"title":"'The Bible' Cast: 'Hot Jesus' Responds to Twitter Nickname","duration":"5:06","description":"Stars of the hit History Channel miniseries give sneak peek at series finale.","url":"/GMA/video/bible-miniseries-cast-finale-sneak-peek-hot-jesus-18829901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}