Bieber Takes Paternity Test

Paternity suit against the pop star was dropped, but he still took the DNA test.
2:53 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Bieber Takes Paternity Test
Justin Bieber means business and is battling -- young woman who says he fathered her baby she may have dropped a lawsuit. But he's following through on his promise to take a paternity test that Andrea canning is here with the latest on where things -- Morning -- and he did promise many times he would take that task scandal it clearly been weighing on Justin Bieber over the past few weeks he could stop tweeting about it condemning the lies. He clearly wants to put this behind him but it doesn't seem to be over just yet. His alleged bogus baby mama may have dropped her lawsuit. -- Justin Bieber has reportedly gone full speed ahead with his promise paternity test that's. First -- beavers are you my baby's daddy mama the test was -- to be taken under very controlled circumstances Friday. Leaving little room for questions later. The allegations were still out there people are always going to wonder if it's possible wolf this is going to be conclusive evidence. In this extra interview Bieber and his manager explained why he still planned to take the DNA -- Even though Mariah Gator is no longer crying Bieber baby. Just -- she did it that I. We don't make it seem like it's okay for everyone has just say area adjustment was had my -- of having added we never even seen the lawsuit. We're -- -- get ahead of this -- go right after and I think it's important hold people accountable. For their actions he's. Like Keanu Reeves who took a paternity test in 2009. That disproved a woman's claim he fathered her four children. In 2007 Chris Rock was cleared as the father of a thirteen year old in Georgia but not all claims -- -- that same year Eddie Murphy lost his battle against Melanie Brown AKA scary spice. When a paternity tests proved he is the father of her daughter Angel. One thing that every heart problem risks are these unfounded claims. People saying that they had a one night stand or -- and here's this baby and it -- It's -- -- gators -- who had no comment on the pop star's latest actions. Her mama drama may not be over just yet Bieber has vowed to sue her over her claims he fathered her three month old son. Physical -- has said they were vigorously pursue. All remedies to clear just whose name at the American music awards Sunday. Just 48 hours after taking the test Bieber had his girlfriend Selena Gomez on his -- And seemed to be in a good -- A mood that will be closely watched as it seems now all that's left. Is -- waiting. Just since people wouldn't confirm to us he actually took the -- only saying arrangements had been made. Right gators attorney told us he doesn't have confirmation the -- has been taken and he kindly reminded us that DNA from one party. Is not sufficient to make a paternity determination meaning that she has to take this test if she doesn't think that says a lot of course is well exactly -- and thanks for him.

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{"id":15005837,"title":"Bieber Takes Paternity Test ","duration":"2:53","description":"Paternity suit against the pop star was dropped, but he still took the DNA test.","url":"/GMA/video/bieber-takes-paternity-test-refute-baby-claims-15005837","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}