Big Chill Hits Midwest, Targets East for New Year's

The East Coast braces for cold temperatures already gripping the Midwest.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Big Chill Hits Midwest, Targets East for New Year's
As we prepare to ring in the new year, the bone-chilling temperatures in the midwest. A huge crowd there. They are. IT'S THE WARMst WE'RE GOING TO Be. You can hear them. They're all happy. The temperatures are the mildest at this point that we'll be for a listening time to come. I want to give you an idea of how cold. This is dangerous cold. When you expose skin to 32 below, that can be bad for the body. Ten belowe. That's not just a pocket in the northern great lakes. That will spread east. Early morning low temperatures will be dangerous and uncomfortable. Detroit, low of 7 early thursday. Minneapolis staying sub zero. We find alex perez there this morning. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. It's crossed the line where in many areas, it's dangerously cold. The big concern in many places is the ice. We dipped this painer in water. In about ten minutes, it was frozen stiff as a board. Snow blowing cold and strong. Parts of the northern plains this morning under wind chill advisori advisories. Some areas feeling like 50 below zero. Blustering 40-mile-per-hour winds in minnesota this weekend bringing the wind chill to negative 42 degrees. Hurling snow across highways and creating whiteout driving conditions. Overnight, snow buildup causing this overhang to buckle. For some, a near miss. She had just stepped outside and saw the thing collapse right in front of her. Reporter: In the northeast, it was a whole lot of rain ahead of the cold. And then parts of new england, a fresh shot of snow. Utility companies bracing for widespread power outages. And there seems to be little relief in sight for parts of the upper midwest. In minneapolis, they'll struggle to ged out of the single digits most of the week. Ginger? Thank you, alex, for braving up all of that. Are you staying for new year's eve? They are. They're about to see the bottom fall out. THE TEMPERATURE IN THE 20s WHEN The ball drops. The wind chill in the teens. Across the nation, the cold is a really big story's clipper comes across with snow for the northern plains. Other than that, the headline is cold and will be. We'll be right back here with more of the nation's weather coming up. Thank you. A big hello to everyone here this morning.

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{"id":21366536,"title":"Big Chill Hits Midwest, Targets East for New Year's","duration":"3:00","description":"The East Coast braces for cold temperatures already gripping the Midwest.","url":"/GMA/video/big-chill-hits-midwest-targets-east-years-21366536","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}