First Big Snowstorm of 2012 Hits Northeast

The first heavy snow of 2012 no match for storms in 2011.
1:00 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for First Big Snowstorm of 2012 Hits Northeast
This massive storm is also bringing the first big snow in the year to the northeast. And ABC's changes he is in Worcester mass and -- we can see the snow right behind -- still coming down but this is still nothing like last year. Right -- here let me give an example Boston had around 88 inches at this time so since December 1 this year. Less than nine inches and -- a significant snell and most of New England -- in -- heart of one of its Buddhist. Since December 1 let me tell you something this -- -- the -- we're dealing with it is a heavy wet. Mashed potato like smell and hearing what -- they've been doing -- -- five. Inches overnight trying to clear the roads lots of spinoffs an -- some major highways and side roads as well. And that's just the thing this umbrella unnecessary smells good it felt heavy and wet is going to be around all day winter storm warning from Massachusetts. Upstate New York. The -- in the for the big event and on this first official day of meteorological spring that's right spring it hardly feels like it.

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{"id":15823644,"title":"First Big Snowstorm of 2012 Hits Northeast","duration":"1:00","description":"The first heavy snow of 2012 no match for storms in 2011.","url":"/GMA/video/big-snowstorm-2012-hits-northeast-15823644","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}