Bigfoot Allegedly Attacks Pennsylvania Man's RV

Linsey Davis reviews a man's closed encounter with Sasquatch.
3:00 | 10/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bigfoot Allegedly Attacks Pennsylvania Man's RV
News of the weird. The story of a guy in pennsylvania who said that his rv was attacked and the person was bigfoot. Linsey's back with this bizarre story. Happy birthday, linsey. I appreciate it, again. One thing to claim to have seen bigfoot once, three times is the charm for this pennsylvania man, who said that he's been looking for the mythical creature for his whole life. Police in central pennsylvania are investigating an alleged vandal in these woods. But this is no ordinary criminal. This one is tall, hair yi and goes by the name of sasquatch, according to john reid who claims that he saw a sasquatch walk past his mobile home. I could not see a full thing, to me, it looked like it might have been going like this, but the top of the head and the shoulders were about here and reid said that the creature throw rocks at his mobile. Reid gave chase. Jumping into his truck alongside his girlfriend, they made bigfoot calls in an effort to locate the creature. As soon as I did it, something stood up on her side of the truck. Stood up and went up this into the woods. Reporter: Reid a self-described a bigfoot there tracker since the age of 10, he claims that the bigfoot sighting was his third. After the ins definite he posted to the group of facebook's page, do I believe in bigfoot? Yes, I do. His bigfoot encountered left his mobile with smashed windows. John reid has some tips for people who may encounter bigfoot themselves, male bigfoot or big feet, the males at any rate, they have enlarged foreheads go uphill. You have to in this scenario, you need to gauge the gender in order to run up the hill or down the hill. Thank you very much. Good bigfoot call by the way I'm impressed. Coming up -- crushed.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Linsey Davis reviews a man's closed encounter with Sasquatch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17528125","title":"Bigfoot Allegedly Attacks Pennsylvania Man's RV","url":"/GMA/video/bigfoot-allegedly-attacks-pennsylvania-mans-rv-17528125"}