How to Be a Bigger Deal Than You Are

Nicole Lapin's tips on how to fake it until you make it.
4:45 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for How to Be a Bigger Deal Than You Are
Am Tory Johnson and this is at work -- -- -- big shot -- Don't worry even if you're not actually a big deal you can make people think that you -- Nicole -- of recession wasted dot -- is here to Italian how to do suggest that paint a call hey you're great at BO good seats so your first secret to success is to get an assistant or perhaps to make people just think you have won by creating -- assistance. Assistant I mean I don't know you have an assistant to worry but if you do I don't know -- actually matched set assistant -- me on -- There actually descending at meetings so what about setting up Tory Johnson Eddie as ST. At and who actually knows who exactly is setting up your -- -- your assistant. Reach out to the person you're having a job interview with potentially -- sound like a bigger deal than you actually are. Exactly when I started my business -- did that I created an intelligence that was -- women -- common I was and they're out. -- next mark your territory online. -- what is even better than Sarah. At Gmail dot -- whenever you came up with Torre is actually say Arafat at Torrey Johnson dot com and it's very easy to -- -- domain name if your game is not Madonna is probably going to be about ten to twenty bucks and then for an additional. -- -- -- Ten dollars and -- five email addresses -- you can have Tory Tory Johnson not -- you can consider it at Torrey Johnson that I'm -- Nicole at Torrey Johnson dot com. And that is makes it much more professional -- you know like hot girl 25 it Hotmail dot -- -- What those days are over. If you're using mail out time to upgrade that Atlanta. So important people always seemed to have. Those seats phone system used to it we can have that -- You can't and you don't even need a landline and love grasshopper. Feature them -- -- CNN actually when they were under another name and basically. You can have a cell phone and it can sound like a very big fancy answering service you can also have a bunch of different cell phones connect to that land line. So to speak and you can just you know either via a -- -- you can be running around the city if but have answering service answer for -- That's and it's pretty inexpensive to it yet -- -- Yes he can't -- that okay artful are you got a business cards if you want to be at BD. Pretty easy but we like that -- -- business cards where you can go and plug and -- your business cards and I would opt for the a premium Paper ones because faking it -- -- and it's just all about perception -- it's it's not that serious and it'll only take a couple of games and you know you can put your domain and on that as well death lots most expensive you can work comes to get -- now you now you have your business card you have the grasshopper service. Landline and you have your -- on there with your domain name and Iraq. The only other thing you need is a fancy office that you say used -- hotel. That's a good way to kind of also think it's really made it because you're not -- summing up Starbucks there's pretty it's the same amount -- so I would got to grab a copy -- set up the boot camp the session and have your meetings and me in there. And it just looks a little bit more upscale than you know -- to channel copies. Absolutely IRA and finally this need some on a whole lot of exclamation points. Because you want asked himself public's eyes. Did you know because what everywhere doing you're an expert and that whether it is gardening whether you -- a financial expert we are experts in you know it you can't come on ABC perhaps you can go on Tara brown didn't go on -- -- Those are some lower and -- versions -- you can basically you find your own. Publicity machine and submit to local story is reporters the meeting -- -- -- and perhaps you can have your assistance. Send out -- -- meeting for a job interview you can send out that clipping and makes you sound. Like everybody wants to be talking -- -- should be talking can -- That's right it's as simple -- it. Just dropping the word just like there's no I'm just in marketing and just an assistant it's like to plant like I'm an assistant track and market and I. Assistant and then perhaps glamorous writing a story about a substance or perhaps. You know your local papers reading a story about assistance and you're coming up with -- -- angle to that and you're setting yourself up. And you know about the -- All right well thanks cold you really aren't being shot caught on. Did not not in the -- the -- on independent reading time big -- and you can find out so much mark above knuckles happy business advice and all of her grease eating tips -- recession -- dot com.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Nicole Lapin's tips on how to fake it until you make it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15115923","title":"How to Be a Bigger Deal Than You Are","url":"/GMA/video/bigger-deal-15115923"}