Family Says Biker Hit in Road Rage Incident Paralyzed

An altercation between an SUV driver and a group of motorcyclists was caught on tape.
4:23 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Says Biker Hit in Road Rage Incident Paralyzed
Now, to the latest on the shocking road rage incident here in new york city. You have no doubt seen the video of the suv swarmed by bikers. And then, that high-speed chase through the streets. Well, this morning, two men have been arrested. The authorities are searching for another. And abc's linzie janis has the latest on this fast-developing story. Reporter: This morning, police have charged the man seen here, punching this black range rover with reckless endangerment. Moments later, police say allen edwards dranked the 30-year-old banker out of the suv, beating him from front of his wife and young child. That alleged assault not caught on camera was the end of a terrifying chain of events that police say started minutes earlier, with a different biker. Watch as 28-year-old christopher cruz also facing charges of reckless endangerment, suddenly slows down, causing the suv to hit him. Within seconds, that menacing scene, nearly 30 bikers swarm the suv. Police say some of them, slashing its tires. Then, this -- he apparently panicked and makes a break for it. Running over biker edwin mejia, who is an aspiring rapper. All of his ribs are broken. And he's never going to walk. He'll never walk again. Reporter: With miese on the ground, the bikers chased him for a terrifying three miles. Before cornering him and eventually assaulting him. Police now say they're looking into his conduct, even though they believe he did feel threatened. I think it's no easy answer. You have to use common sense. If you can get out of there without hurting anybody, that's what we advise you to do. Reporter: This morning, we know the group of bikers calls itself hollywood stunts. And have posted similar videos on youtube before, like this one from 2011, that ends in another attack. Police say they had prepared for the group's trip to new york, deploying additional officers to monitor them. The nypd says it received 200 calls on sunday about the group riding recklessly, including a 911 call from lien before that accident, telling dispatchers they were driving erratically. We're going to bring in dan abrams. And this is disturbing on so many different levels. We heard from the mother of the biker who was seriously injured and the family wants to press charges. Is there a possibility that the driver will be charged? There's two issues. One is criminal. One is a possible civil case. On the criminal front, it sounds like the authorities are not going to charge him. Why? The legal standard is, did he reasonably believe that he was in danger when this happened? And when you listen to the way ray kelly, the police commissioner is talking, it sounds like they believe it was reasonable. They're going to continue the investigation. But I don't think there will be charges filed against him. Now, civil, which is the family's ability to sue him, i think that is almost certainly that will happen because that's just an opportunity for the family to go after him, as opposed to the government. Will the severity of his injuries play into it at all? It plays into a potential civil case, when you're talking about damages. But a lot of people are saying, wait a sec. You have someone here who is paralyzed. You have someone who was beaten up. Why wouldn't the person who was paralyzed be the bigger player here? The answer is, it doesn't really matter as a legal matter who was injured more. It matters what was going on in the mind of the individuals who were doing it when it happened. What about the bikers? We heard how at the end how many calls came in. We've seen the video. That can't bode well for them at all. That's going to weigh into the police's decision. But you have to charge people based on individual actions. You can't just say, well, there was a group that did this last year. And therefore, we're going to sort of charge the group this year. Could be different individuals in that group. A lot of people anxious to see what's going to unfold here. We have a health warning out of florida.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"An altercation between an SUV driver and a group of motorcyclists was caught on tape.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20441761","title":"Family Says Biker Hit in Road Rage Incident Paralyzed","url":"/GMA/video/biker-hit-road-rage-incident-paralyzed-20441761"}