Women Swim With Great Whites

Bill Weir on effort to show predators not attracted by sight of human flesh.
3:50 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Women Swim With Great Whites
There are two words which strike fear into the heart of every beach Goer shark attack but could the conventional wisdom. About those ocean predators be wrong but -- way to find out if they could dip with the ultimate predator and Nightline anchor bill where. You do that hopefully you know. Lawyers wouldn't let me all producers -- a lot of cold -- -- -- -- but I did get up close and in you know language to tell or two years ago but did you know and I did not know -- -- how. -- twenty times did -- and sharks but even Steven Spielberg would have trouble selling a horror movie called it utters. That is both fear and fascination that have driven these magnificent animals to the brink of being in -- by -- -- South Africa the shark infested waters down there. Who wants to remove the fear parks. In the most startling way. Girl but -- me. Sure. About the only thing missing here and march you don't -- -- That ominous iconic indication that jaws is about to turn the water blood red. But those are not actresses and those sharks are not mechanical. They're part of a bold experiment to prove that almost everything Spielberg and shark -- -- -- is wrong. We try not what it's not. Swimming around talk NDP. I mean didn't -- knocked. The great city and Nottingham -- But if the science behind this idea is wrong his reputation could end up more shredded them it's me -- -- a shark attack it isn't -- -- of that. That's -- that it. Particulars of color through he is marine biologist doctor -- Johnson about the only animals spend more time cruising the crystalline waters of muscle -- The great whites that thrive in this part of South Africa. It's making it his life's work to demystify these monsters he's gone diving with them countless times. He's used by commuters to -- street thoughts I asked an of that experiment. And even developed silicon -- -- seals to study the way great whites hold their favorite -- in this part of the world. Most of these sharks live most of the year -- how. -- the most. She's Africa get there hasn't been an attack on humans over twenty years. Plus -- is convinced that sharks are not the mindless man eating machines we think there. -- so convinced he's conducting taped and live experiments. To see just how attracted they are to white flash. Human bodily fluids even shiny beads and jewelry way to get the girls in the bikinis to agree. We don't you know who bikini. -- -- Let him another reality of it as an advocate of that -- shadows. I love shacks but that doesn't mean his so called -- and angels and didn't have their moments of doubt him. I just couldn't handle it. -- -- Aren't you at all worried that one -- could -- -- this back. Henry and still -- us here. Yes something we we live little time. After an entire morning actually started -- -- instead of -- destroying flesh tearing monsters he's incredible animals seemed sedate. Even discerning in how they approached even so the we'll stay in the boat had just. Little more understanding -- -- we get through that -- but it should be fascinating he wants that. Do this live for two hours -- -- to really -- because when you do show the highlights. Of these attacks you have this perception but we were their -- all morning and they were really quite cuddly but. So they're just misunderstood like many of the occasional exactly and the occasional and they sometimes misunderstood and stand us -- The Steelers. -- watch Friday.

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{"id":15014379,"title":"Women Swim With Great Whites","duration":"3:50","description":"Bill Weir on effort to show predators not attracted by sight of human flesh.","url":"/GMA/video/bikini-clad-women-swim-great-white-sharks-15014379","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}