Bill Maher's New Book 'The New New Rules'

Comedian takes on all comers, all the time, including "GMA."
5:11 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Bill Maher's New Book 'The New New Rules'
There is nothing safe about HBO's Bill Maher the comedian takes on all comers all the time and equal opportunity hit man attacking everything from politics to public marriage proposals. In his new book the new new rules. He's happy we're happy he's turned his late night schedule upside down into this we are not used to be enough. I'm certain types of dangerous you couldn't even read the title of couldn't be -- -- got a little bit until the blanked -- look at -- -- me as their head up there whatever. She -- disaster. So let's let's hear -- in this morning. Being up in the morning. I'm not irritated I'm a comedian show and I'm living high on the hog on this presidential candidate has gotten me and that I saw he had -- there -- very very rich. We're very very certain that your opinions -- and what fighting that you offered to a million to one -- Michelle Caruso Cabrera had put up but god didn't put up to millions and Herman Cain on the idea that I was a couple weeks -- -- -- even before the sex scandal you know I mean but. Yes I I think I would bet a million dollars against one and Herman Cain wouldn't you take that that. I'm not going to be that altogether it really is I wouldn't you agree with -- -- your bottom line is still -- -- -- the -- -- How to wind no I don't really have a couple of -- to lose on a -- either but I mean this is a guy who was wearing a -- cut through a scandal. A sex scandal. So I feel like best. Pretty much sealed by my -- this is a guy US. Tax plan that we found out was written pretty much by his. Branch manager at Wells Fargo. -- a Cleveland via he'd like women should get some checks and the -- Gonna do anything else for Unita get did you regret the tax -- to get -- -- he's there he's leading the field still is -- -- fall just a little bit but still lead in the field. But that's just because -- statement Romney. They do you gonna feel very bad for Mitt Romney I mean he has been led so far by trump. Then Bachmann. Dan Perry then came. Yeah -- in Harry's every 12 choice I'm rooting for you know -- because look at a country with only two political parties. The Republican can always win coming at least he eats with a knife and fork. I mean he is. All that stands between us and the rise of the apes and -- -- -- -- -- he's he's probably odds on right now -- Newt Gingrich what a comeback to him. Surging. -- surging which is never good for mrs. Gingrich. Slowly at -- he gets to go back detention and commitment if you take her husband. Yes the the intellectual Oilers here of the Republican Party the -- Austin -- which. -- makes me laugh thinking that you are -- a pretty even pretty tough on President Obama took. Yeah I mean that's my job is to hold their feet to the fire in -- a what party and who's in power but I'll tell you this after watching all these Republican debates. I am ever more an enthusiastic supporter -- -- Obama. I mean that will make you run back into his arms very quickly it's been amazing how much impact these debates -- head. And this time around they've actually they -- they're almost filling the purpose of the primaries. I know I you know I'm often told mid January. I just hope that Perry and -- and Bachmann don't sending stupid -- economy what are the chances of that. What do you make those you know bless you can do it all riveted -- -- -- -- at Penn State riveted horrified. Hey can't believe it it is -- stunning that this could go on for so. And are well yes that -- it's horrible and you never think of it happening at a place like that but I also was very dismayed and wondered what it said about them. Culture in this country that the kids at the school. First of all they they had a -- Sort of in favor of child molestation which you don't really see that -- but I -- though they wouldn't say that but it was you know for their coaching and coached for that -- -- Usually very shocking when they're tipping over Vander should be against. There that. And then they have began -- -- -- -- Friday night who would just monitor not have the game incident deciding what -- you're gonna -- -- the game and all this nonsense. Just make a statement that. Football is not as important as some of this other stuff now they have at least at least the players to the right thing -- -- -- -- -- right now -- came together for the victims. Right before took off and I do feel a little bit for those players they had nothing. But it did give -- -- and I wanted to make about that was good. Any institution. Where there are no women. -- football. Has been the church. The Middle East fraternities. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you do we really need women around as a moderating influence -- there's just no question about that everyone in my house. Who would agree pretty normal there are women and it's -- completely before you go quick word. Kim Kardashian found -- from some winner's circle this morning. That the whole marriage and statesmen. I'm shocked don't do it from its early in the morning monopoly that -- yeah I think we get a new rule about that it. That if you're gonna fly over -- of course the countries that make the guests do -- if we gonna make him stay at a bed and breakfast and make them get in the lime Green dress for the bridesmaids and all that stuff you really have to stay together for year 718 days is not cutting them our thanks very much. The book is called the new new rules.

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{"id":14947583,"title":"Bill Maher's New Book 'The New New Rules'","duration":"5:11","description":"Comedian takes on all comers, all the time, including \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/bill-mahers-book-rules-14947583","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}