Bill Murray Uncensored on Reddit, Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Agonizing' New Role and More in Pop News

ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
4:16 | 10/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill Murray Uncensored on Reddit, Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Agonizing' New Role and More in Pop News
Acting and I'm staring me and I I'm we'll dance and hear the hottest pop in storybook thing online rate now. Bill Murray is the top of the Internet right now the actor getting loans of up during his act any action on bet. In classic bill Mary form he revealed how one bat. And hadn't seen ever concert with a busload of his friends naturally and security gave them prime position on the side of the state it that and name and it. He also opened up. About that one role that we from aunt Nell hits and part in the year of living dangerously. Marie calling film's director Peter we hear something out book ads where the reality show he'd love to go on the Amazing Race. Not the bachelor also that would be fine. I have a survivor and actually I think that I would you know I think they'd get in the zone in. It'll. In the academy named fire only two point. And it you think Leonardo DiCaprio new role in it rent it looks rough well that's. The startling hot movies that work sequences and the ball and them if they ever had to. We're talking weaving in and out of frozen river. Leaping in animal carcasses. An eating raw might. Or. Hayley out if that's what we're at the ad agonizing. Night all in the name of the art I guess I'll I hadn't yet we animal park is room and I'm guessing it's eight. Yet up about help the scenario I don't know about yet but. Earlier this year we said goodbye to parks and recreation and the Larry sidekick Tom have a bird played by these I'm sorry. But think that Netflix are free from disease is only a short while he's here. She only called. At nine and you are dead. Carol struggling. Here the first trailer is out today people. It's eating at Indian accent you know this isn't an accident and on the EU. Oscar for at stole but she let me ask you just for doing accent coming. What's an Oscar for best and yes. Matt nine hit Netflix on Friday November's. And let's look at this it's I love that part cracked tree without them yeah. When are they aren't yet though apparently dad really really wanted to do you heard that we're. And we've yet. And so yes and. The hard part was mom it. Exactly what he can hate. You know one friend who always knows what you're trying to say even if you can if you can't put into work. Well. Take a look at these few were taking twenty to all whole other. They don't cop. It's my turn that. That would McCaffrey now and I know didn't happen if you. And finally. Got back Halloween season main event. That would make it there we're not lion. That's winning and 86. The theme is thicker traders need Evers. All of. Think someday now. I know their gated. Don't stand a chance when those little guys them. Both teams are start though you know another yeah you know I think in a fix the holes in the games. With a poem it pats. Low moment drop that night at fat and I thought you guy. I had no actually mean but I'm very. Feature anything he would make more hot news Marbury ABC news I'm Iranian and that will again have a great day everyone.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34662379","title":"Bill Murray Uncensored on Reddit, Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Agonizing' New Role and More in Pop News","url":"/GMA/video/bill-murray-uncensored-reddit-leonardo-dicaprios-agonizing-role-34662379"}