Billionaire Secrets: Achieving the American Dream

Barbara Walters interviews CEOs who made their fortunes through hard work.
3:52 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Billionaire Secrets: Achieving the American Dream
These four people and not part of the 1% of America that people -- they all came from humble beginnings. Excuse me. I've just been on television too much that -- came from. Humble beginnings the ball -- -- themselves. They'll tell you how you can and they offer a solution for getting the country back on time. -- -- importantly for. Creating jobs one of the Amazon founder insecticide -- you'll also -- a preview of his new Michael Jackson production one -- -- woman -- -- Lady Gaga and pop one Bob but I think she owns 75 companies. One is a man who made a fortune selling -- products and -- -- not. And one as a young Asian man behind the online shoe company -- who believes that in order to -- -- that's well. You have to have fun. -- they don't coincide with our car sales associates destined to bond him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you are witnessing is a social experiment like Tony shame the entrepreneur and mastermind behind -- -- online shoe company. His revolutionary. Way of running a business -- -- -- -- and to a one point two billion dollar powerhouse. It's like to play -- but I mean to -- -- Wednesday west. Does that -- business. We think it's important for employees who have Clinton -- That drives including engagement companies with strong cultures. And outperformed the ones that don't have strong cultures. I know CEO Kwon ha yeah instead -- -- to the middle. And his own cubicle next to his second -- When someone approached you with the idea and selling shoes on the line you said it sounded like the poster child bad Internet ideas you are not interested in shoes. I'm actually still -- interest attentions it was. The most exciting business. From a growth perspective and I really like the people there I love that philosophy -- Tony -- and he also talked to a man who created not just one brand that -- -- huge. It's got his name is John Paul the jury had one -- as Paul Mitchell hair products. -- you don't need -- And the other isn't and can't. At Truman look at -- don't -- this is some of the luxury. That this man has. But this is -- -- private turning. But he was so poor at one point that he lived. In his car with his son so that's bottom is that sometimes Arquette and these are just a few of the -- city has. He says that he has no guilt. About being a billionaire because they get -- much -- is involved. In so many charities and creating some new jobs. All these people alive and yet you mentioned that he started -- -- that is something that all four billionaires -- income often than not came from humble beginnings they all took. Big risks. They all failed. At one point to another and they will tell you advice that I have -- show you get citation if -- -- be an entrepreneur I don't listen to me. -- don't go to college. Don't knock -- out strike out on your honor -- -- individual as your haven't really seen them before and we think that that it's important and fun and they -- give back. They followed give back and end one way or another they've created jobs they support charities. And and then event -- just kind of exciting to watch and by the way have to apologize for saying that I lose my voice because I want to much. What about you -- I don't get fires and daily. It's partly thanks for. Got to -- his -- even -- -- hour long special billionaires secrets tonight on 20/20 8:10 eastern 9 central.

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{"id":14833861,"title":"Billionaire Secrets: Achieving the American Dream ","duration":"3:52","description":"Barbara Walters interviews CEOs who made their fortunes through hard work. ","url":"/GMA/video/billionaire-secrets-achieving-american-dream-14833861","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}