Billy Crystal Returns for 9th Stint as Oscar Host

"GMA" catches up with legendary Oscar host, actor as 2012 nominations near.
2:04 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Crystal Returns for 9th Stint as Oscar Host
The Academy Award nominations are now just a week away. And for this year's show were going back to future at least in a way because Billy Crystal is returning to take on hosting duties and well we've got an exclusive first look at exactly what Billy's. -- I think the thing that's special about the Oscars it is it's the granddaddy of all the shows. The Oscars it's not just an awards yeah. Well OK it is but it's the best -- -- would have totally that I would ever get to host the Oscars and I was a kid that would. Be crazy but now only Bob Hope is hosted it more than me it's kind of strange and it's terrific at the same time this year Oscar night reunited. But it's Hollywood so. How long can it last I think that's going to be a theme of the evening -- -- people would lose some common experience of -- all have yet to celebrate them. Nineteen students. Finds itself. And that was on -- -- -- And that -- more or less from Billy Crystal online -- -- dot com again Oscar dot com it launches today. Plus video of the most amazing moments -- Academy Awards history and on the big -- you can check out the exclusive web stream video behind the scenes including for the first time ever. We go to the exclusive governor's ball and we're gonna do something very cold here on Good Morning America dot com -- what we're gonna happen mobsters stock market. Did -- contract for another -- Saying that nominees get real time look at social media say about that and our. Experts will be getaway in it all starts next Tuesday like that idea -- and experts -- now. And I think that's it may not place -- the -- so there you have you can really track in real time. How things are trending as things are things picking up speed especially after the results of the golden Golden Globes I think a lot of people thought the descendants might run away with a lot. Did you comes this movie a lot of people haven't seen the artist I don't want to go. He actually held its it has really really interesting is we don't like saying if there it -- -- stock I'm going to knock out. Dot com and it launches today.

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{"id":15377421,"title":"Billy Crystal Returns for 9th Stint as Oscar Host","duration":"2:04","description":"\"GMA\" catches up with legendary Oscar host, actor as 2012 nominations near.","url":"/GMA/video/billy-crystal-returns-9th-stint-oscar-host-15377421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}