Billy Ray Cyrus on 'Christmas Comes Home to Canaan'

The musician and actor discusses his new Hallmark Channel movie.
5:28 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Ray Cyrus on 'Christmas Comes Home to Canaan'
I'll hop finding some things out by Billy Ray Cyrus easier to get us into the holiday spirit his new Hallmark Channel movie Christmas comes home -- -- Is a sequel to the end very popular Christmas and -- which I certainly didn't -- at follows the Burton family through good times and bad perfect family moving Billy Ray is here -- -- -- All about it. So what's with that's all that he gets -- -- for a role that you have all this here. Unless -- I guess -- could come up in January cop. Creating a little different character. But but I can c.s in your eyes you're still the same I was reading the same Ian -- right now I'm Daniel Burton and really excited about Christmas. Comes home to Canaan. It is a sequel to. The original Christmas -- Canaan it's really. A great script great stories. Lot of heart lot of soul and emotion and a little bit of -- back to. Some of the stuff that went on in America as I was going London a little different time. Was this that I saw the first -- and it is that is -- perfect family movie that you can sit down. And -- -- of good times and bad times it's it's very authentic don't you find it. You don't want I think it's about it's got. Everything that that people need today to get through these tough times a lot of folks out there you know going to a lot of hard times and -- There's there's one point -- my son. It's injured a little -- though this is no man has ever defeated until -- his admitted as a reality and it's just about keep. Keep an oddity when times are tough -- that is -- part that's important to particularly important to that YouTube you point that out and you see that and it really resonates with a lot of people telling me. Issued. I read that. A book. I guess about 1970 narration -- -- that quote discount stuck with me that they ran as a -- defeated until defeat is admitted as a real. Don't do that let's play a little bit of -- -- because the Burton family like a lot of families round the whole Christmas tree all right let's see let's Agilent. -- we've got a little family tradition here kids know all about its. He started one particular Christmas. My day started. Been pretty -- for years we weren't expecting much. Become Christmas morning. -- -- all these gifts wrapped and under the tree just -- couple weeks. When my mama when she -- will -- live in my dad's affords you get the money for all that. -- just smile McNair. Said -- you know not. Even if you flat broke you can still have some Christmas. I gotta love your voice Powell thank you can't just make you feel like here at home and you're listening to daddy and everything's going to be OK Billy Ray thank you thank you that's -- -- Young lady act and with management great actress and you know the whole cast really rallied around the script and the stories -- real proud of this movie is looking forward to Saturday night. You may know. Things some of them movie is a song called home. And we made a video for it and during the movie. Hallmark has figured out a way to give all the fans. A free copy of the song and the video and the original song from the first one called will get by somehow we always doing. So free music. Free videos be sure to -- -- -- had by all -- but also that you're very proud of TLC. Surprise homecoming you really think of our service men and women especially this time and their families. Absolutely and of all the things I've done in my career and my lives being a part of homecoming. -- It was one of the greatest joys in hand it's more satisfying if anything -- ever -- to see these troops coming home to see the smiles of tears of joy. This -- just been an amazing experience of so proud of our troops and so proud of their families in we all know -- to support of a welcome home has come together very exciting great -- again. I know you are very proud of your family each and every one -- it's no secret that that your daughter Miley. On the Internet there's some things it has put out there that are just not true who saw the video from her. Her birthday -- party how do you as the father we've talked about this'll for the last time you were here. At this point -- -- how do you help around. I enjoyed -- or less not on CNN heroes and I know that their previous two days before that she hasn't. Southern California. -- -- California given back. Through her foundation. She's been to Haiti twice this year. Helping these children who. Have never been able to hear in their entire lives and she helps with these hearing aids that gives these kids a chance to hear for the first time their lives and again -- O'Malley knows. That that this life is about given back and I know that she's doing her part and I don't -- -- attention to. The other stuff that's out there we know what's important and it's our heart and soul. And her mind knowing that she's put -- for a reason and I'm really proud of her. My -- so -- popular. Altogether although we have a great Christmas you -- really excited about it I loved alterations on how well -- had the ability freeze up and freeze list of Saturday night and -- -- -- Christmas got to thinking of -- -- Palmer channel. On December 7 inning thanks again -- --

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{"id":15137198,"title":"Billy Ray Cyrus on 'Christmas Comes Home to Canaan'","duration":"5:28","description":"The musician and actor discusses his new Hallmark Channel movie.","url":"/GMA/video/billy-ray-cyrus-christmas-home-canaan-15137198","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}