Black Friday: The Best Doorbuster Deals

Becky Worley searches the circulars for the best black Friday deals.
2:48 | 11/24/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Friday: The Best Doorbuster Deals
Tyson like you've been preparing for that delicious Thanksgiving feast -- contributor -- -- has been busy scouring the -- -- -- on the -- Tracking the basket Black Friday and well Thursday DLs and is joining us now with tips on what sales should not being passed back. Larry good morning good morning everyone at home we heard from lots of people that they are not giving thanks that stores are opening early each but -- serious bargain hunters that deals are compelling enough cash to get them out in the stores right after Thanksgiving dinner. -- remember those relaxing Black Friday is of yesteryear. Lineup in the cold live three to 500 of your closest friends. Then storm the -- Civilized 5 AM. Hopefully -- -- days are over. This year's target best night -- freezing -- -- opening at midnight and Wal-Mart opening PM on Thanksgiving. He's -- -- opening at nine yeah that's on thinks. Yeah nothing sacred. But then again -- are pretty -- First TV and ask retailers and other soldiers on new features like HD TLC. This year knowing that nothing. Is there. Some really -- they can -- to get -- to find news is to drop the like trees. Up 46 inch TV from target for 290. Dollars. Good to inch LCD 499. And that's not 300 dollars not. Aren't there cheapest on Black Friday -- different. They're not the sexiest Christmas presents but select ten more washers and -- sixty years -- 69 Monday only. -- the kids now days all of them at noon news -- target is selling beats by Dre headphones for their regular price of one. Nine but -- get -- no Italian gift cards with to purchase. And despite a pulled it says 87% of people don't want stores open on Thanksgiving. Any sucking up. Head out just to get those. Now get this we -- told later represented from one of the store's opening early that own know they're not opening at midnight on Thursday there opening at 12 AM Friday. You gotta love PR spin I hope this tradition does not continue -- Now we need to -- got to tell you listen this girl likes to shop I'm with you this is a sacred day thank you Becky.

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{"id":15023090,"title":"Black Friday: The Best Doorbuster Deals","duration":"2:48","description":"Becky Worley searches the circulars for the best black Friday deals.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-best-doorbuster-deals-15023090","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}