Is Black Friday Becoming Black Thursday?

Retailers are moving their big sales closer to Thanksgiving.
2:43 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Is Black Friday Becoming Black Thursday?
-- -- -- some from from the is nothing sacred category. This Thanksgiving about to become black Thursday some of the nation's biggest stores are planning to Begin their big Christmas sales right after the Thanksgiving Turkey. Is cleared from the table. Certainly giving customers what they want -- crash a holiday it's mostly about giving thanks not getting things. And she's losing -- this means is that story -- targeting New Jersey good morning Lindsey. Good morning George retailers are so excited to get out of the red that there's a definite gray area this -- when it comes to Black Friday because at some stores it's actually starting. On Thursday the industry calls it. The Christmas creek the encroachment presents. On pumpkin -- The race is on for their shopping events of the year. The woman in his target -- is clearly pumped and ready for the frenzy. But -- target workers are saying enough leave Thanksgiving alone. If we continue this -- -- -- anything and before you know Thanksgiving just going to be another day. Not this holiday and -- -- -- be together -- way to start next year the fourth of July. That's because -- many stores like target Black Friday is now black Thursday. Toys 'R' Us opens at 9 o'clock Thanksgiving night wal mart's Black Friday specials start at 10 PM. Macy's -- best buy and target all open at midnight. I'm gonna have to get some sleep and I'll probably get indebted to you and miss my family's Thanksgiving dinner completely. Target employee Anthony -- we created an online petition urging his employer to hold off till Friday morning as of this morning his petition on change dot org. Has nearly 200000. Signatures. Another web -- respect to the -- dot com asks readers to pledge not to let Black Friday shopping gobble up Thanksgiving. Target tells ABC news its opening early to remain competitive plus they say it's what consumers want. I love the camera time but if someone wants out there shopping the stores should be their for -- to shop anyway you slice it and you now have plenty of ways to disrupt your sleep Thanksgiving night. Which likely won't bother this shopper. Now on the flip side the department store Nordstrom -- actually being commended for what some are calling its Clancy decision take a look this is a -- they have posted on their stores says. We will be decking -- halls until Friday November 25 wife. We just like the idea celebrating one holiday at a time and this has been their retail strategy for several years it's obviously work for them but rest assured. Hundreds of people will be outside this store tomorrow night George. Thanks from the Fed on the feelings of Thanksgiving -- not have to worry about him lying event is being thrown Harry down don't.

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{"id":15014164,"title":"Is Black Friday Becoming Black Thursday?","duration":"2:43","description":"Retailers are moving their big sales closer to Thanksgiving.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-black-thursday-Thanksgiving-15014164","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}