Black Friday: Preventing the Chaos

Lori Wachs discusses what retailers can do to curb shopping violence.
2:23 | 11/26/11

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Transcript for Black Friday: Preventing the Chaos
And that -- wax here this morning she's a retail analyst and president of cross -- investments thank you for heaven and good morning to you. Professionals who do you think that when retailers look at the pictures from yesterday that they -- -- freak out and say. We've got to do is -- -- -- crack down on this. Unfortunately the past few years we have seen incidents like this and each season the retailer sit back and say what can we do -- a few years ago. Best buy started to give out tickets as people started to line up. Fisher Wal-Mart spread their door busters throughout the story put balloons to highlight them. It's Friday -- better regulate the crowd control but at some point I don't know how you get in front of people that come up with things like pepper spray to get ahead of the crowd. And it's such a tough balance because on the one hand they want to generate pictures of frenzied buying because that's good publicity and other hand you don't want to transmitting -- -- so walking that line is -- exactly -- -- promotions to get people to wake up in the middle of the night to come out and buy those -- police your business -- and that's -- your specialty -- -- -- sense yet of how bad Black Friday was didn't go well and what does that mean for the overall American economy that does what. -- have been talking about a 10% increase in shopping and I thought that sent to the little aggressive given the trends of late. But the early -- that we're getting is that that midnight opening by most of the large retailers. We'll turn out to be a stroke of genius they've really captured my younger shoppers that had not traditionally gone to -- door buster sales. And then later in the day the baby boomers came throughout city early signs are that -- big crowds will be larger than -- -- Already thought and probably will get close to that 10% level and should we care how the holiday shopping season goes for retailers that important for the larger economy. It does set a tone for how the rest of the season will play out and help promotional the retailers have to get so it's not always a -- -- but it's important to start the season off strong last year we saw over Black Friday weekend an increase of about 6% in South -- And for the season -- up 5% -- pretty good indication. And then you mentioned a moment ago the stroke of genius of opening early on Thanksgiving itself some people weren't so happy about business editor not a sort of violated the sanctity of the holiday. Sounds like it's here to -- There was a big controversy -- yes he CEOs of both target and Toys 'R' Us have already come out and best buy that the crowds were overwhelming they are here just stayed the customer voted with their wallet and that's what retailers tend to listen -- directs thank you very much appreciate having you in this morning.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Lori Wachs discusses what retailers can do to curb shopping violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15031869","title":"Black Friday: Preventing the Chaos","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-preventing-chaos-15031869"}