Black Friday Shopping: Fashion Deals Under 100

Elle Magazine's Joe Zee shares his favorite black Friday deals.
4:04 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Black Friday Shopping: Fashion Deals Under 100
I don't -- football does -- everybody -- the lowest. Fabulous men working in fashion today is creative director. Of Al magazine and he's also host of a show called all on the line with Jose and now and he's helping struggling fashion houses on the show trying to turn their brands around -- -- joining us now with a preview of that plus as a special bonus. -- your -- to help us get on trend this holiday season and not for a lot of money which we loved first want to talk to you about the shadow OK tell us about the upcoming season. Well the season premieres tonight at 930 on Sundance Channel and I think what's really great about this show is that it really shows the fashion industry in a different way that it isn't just about red carpets in the devil wears Prada. But that it is -- -- -- But what it is it's really the hard work compassion and dreams and struggling you watch these designers and it puts so much dedication into it. But I really wanna help -- succeed I mean it is hard sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes you have to give them a little tough love right Joey. You -- Sharma everybody a -- because you -- obsolete but. Adore this show it's great drama this is when you're helping a young designer -- named Angelo Angelo yes yeah premier designer tonight and -- -- -- -- let let's just deals in place between. -- -- -- -- This is just how would -- -- desperate -- -- going. It looks like a -- -- trade speculation forgot address. You know she walked into a party right now I'm have very specific opinions about her and probably wouldn't -- Number seductress four this one minute I'm not mistaken it is not -- I don't feel I can imagine minus. Can't we don't know the prices of your home. -- Premier -- you could get -- hold back -- my opinions about it and why am I smiling ear to -- I love -- talking you every day you're also very clear about what's in style and you also understand that most of astronomy major budget this absolutely as a let's talk about how do you do it. Well I think the great thing is there's so much option out there right now whether it's online resource that you can find it very accessible price trends don't have to cost a lot this is what you do with the trans -- -- great ways to Wear. You learn how to bring us three different examples right now -- I have -- OK. A. I guess you like get a -- -- -- -- Com so our first big trend for men winter must have a really great out of -- I love this though surely -- -- -- -- it's 39 dollars. What a great winter coated it really -- for everything. And I love -- it's I love even more than 39 dollar -- funds sold out -- -- -- solid going on but how could America this morning. Yeah why do you -- with with -- -- and then the public column that I actually like them and quite feminine and something beautiful with this and I love the sort of swinging -- with that and that we have the -- the chunky -- that -- -- but the same time it feels. Carried cabinet I think you know woman of uncertain age where the lagging serves absolutely you know what about these things you can Wear it every game broke big chunky sweater over a -- to -- -- -- start like this. It's really personal truly about how you tap into your -- -- great luck -- Taking note and we have another one coming right up. Describe his -- in life. And and terror wonderland look at what I love because you've got your prerequisite Arco which -- love for you to vote this -- -- sort of but I'd love these cranberry towards. Because it feels like a lagging but it's a new take on is not -- It's corduroy I love the color 59 dollars that the gap and this -- is still in this Denise Dillon because if you can -- isn't it boots. You were again a big sweater over it it's it's really easy this is like the Cosby sweater meets the holiday sweater TO that the transition god absolutely and you know the hard part. Pulled into the tiniest little cosmetic bag that he could just something about the lesser one last look we gotta be correct but I got -- -- to -- holiday parties are coming and why. And. Electric sign all over the runway but you can get this -- -- -- for 39 dollars a joke press a brand new store in town and and you were telling me off camera that's the place to shop that's really on trend and not expensive at all absent you've got to go check it out -- -- Jozy everybody.

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{"id":15027808,"title":"Black Friday Shopping: Fashion Deals Under 100","duration":"4:04","description":"Elle Magazine's Joe Zee shares his favorite black Friday deals.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-shopping-fashion-deals-100-15027808","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}