Black Friday Shopping Nightmare

Woman is arrested after she uses pepper spray on other Walmart shoppers.
2:57 | 11/26/11

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Transcript for Black Friday Shopping Nightmare
-- -- Black Friday America's annual orgy of capitalism but this year in May be remembered less for joy is gluttony and more over the use of pepper spray. While angling for an Xbox. Let's go to ABC's TJ Winick who is at Macy's in Herald Square in New York City where we should say things have been very very come. TJ good morning to you. Dan good morning as you said things have been calm here -- Macy's even though -- -- 75000. Customers at this building yesterday over 22 hours now the store opened again just a few minutes ago we've already seen. Dozens of shoppers of course yesterday folks were attracted by -- door buster deals like. Nineteen dollar boots that are normally seventy dollars and seven dollar -- and while folks you're Macy's have been well -- Across the country that dash for deals got ugly. On the -- Must have gadget can incite this type of frenzied. He expression shock to you drop. Was about more than just bargain hunting for the holidays. This -- -- outside Phoenix a grandfather was slammed into the concrete floor and bloodied. Police thought he was shoplifting he insists -- talked a video game into his waist band so we could rescue his grandson and a frenzied mob. Yeah -- they. The dark side of Black Friday was on display from -- in Connecticut. These teaser to Wal-Mart shopper who resisted arrest after cutting head of twenty people the -- -- line. Los Angeles where authorities are looking for a woman who allegedly unleashed pepper spray and at least ten shoppers. Also competing for video games. He was at its Green meaning kids can learn it at clothing -- each of them in Culver City, California. This fight. Gunfire actually erupted during Black Friday sales in California. North Carolina himself Carolina. There were a group of young mean they started fighting in -- -- soon afterwards you heard a popping sound. After the 2008 death of -- wool mart employee. Trampled to death on Long Island when a throng of shoppers literally broke down the doors. The nation's largest retailer implemented new crowd control measures. As for this year. -- -- has been a very safe event -- that thousands of Wal-Mart stores open for Black Friday a representative told us there were few unfortunate incidents. -- have done a good job of taking care of the outside of the -- but they haven't yet done everything that they can do. To kind of secure the safety of the consumers inside the store during that frenzy. Industry analysts also believe the reason for all that mayhem -- that stores are open earlier and longer and there's a shorter list of must have items. Like tablet computer -- and those video games.

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{"id":15031807,"title":"Black Friday Shopping Nightmare","duration":"2:57","description":"Woman is arrested after she uses pepper spray on other Walmart shoppers.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-shopping-nightmare-15031807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}