Blizzard and Cold Hits Midwest, Takes Aim at the Northeast

Some parts of the U.S. have already accumulated up to 10 inches of snow.
2:51 | 11/19/16

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Transcript for Blizzard and Cold Hits Midwest, Takes Aim at the Northeast
All that weather is now moving east the forecast from rob in a moment but first let's get it out to ABC's Philip manna. Who's in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where people have been warned to stay off the roads filled the morning to you. Dan Paula good morning that's right yeah that's snowstorm that is now pummeling the upper midwest it's no longer here but. Here's the problem all of this snow and ice it and rock hard. And it is courting the roads here making them slit an extremely dangerous. Overnight near white out conditions blank getting the upper midwest. Wild working. On highways and interstate. Blizzard conditions making it nearly impossible to see big rigs struggling to gain traction. Overturning on the side of the road gets any worse in this settle here for me drivers held devices know when flood. The Minnesota State Patrol responding to over 440. Crashes would at least three debt so far. Wind gusting fifty to seventy miles per hour. Only superior O molds surfers braving the rough waters trying to catch a perfect way. Her previous best bet today sides but if you're going on right here it's totally comfortable ten to eighteen inches falling in. The wind is really really. Read it now seeking out it is what it is I'm kinda used to it actually Cobb has placement in the small boat that. Well it is being net. Uncommonly. Warm this fall and is not typical to have the first snowstorm of the season hits so close to Thanksgiving but. Now that it's here it's hitting hard. Down Paula and stay warm fell out silly about what I know where this storm is headed now select some things. Order wrapped around hi Paula to echo what Philip Fletcher said Reid to not only had a mild winter but our first snowstorm a full on blizzard for parts of the upper midwest and it's only gonna strengthen as the traverse is a Great Lakes there you see the backside of it lot of snow with this. Especially as that cold targets over those warm Great Lakes lake effect snow machine will be cranking beginning today. On all lakes and an upstate New York especially Western New York we already have lake effect snow warnings that are posted through tomorrow and into Monday as well but look at the advisors all the way down into the south big time win in coal everybody's gonna get a piece today as. A not good for the fire situation there's here's a heavy snow across buster and upstate New York. Ten to twenty inches expected we'll get some snow in some higher elevations well but those lake effect snow bands will be focused on certain spots heart take a look at some these when chills yes available. 81 degrees. Tomorrow morning you'll feel like in the twenties. That's a serious drop a shock to the system for sure enact its all the way down into Florida Tallahassee will feel like 20 degrees Monday morning tough winters Iraq.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Some parts of the U.S. have already accumulated up to 10 inches of snow. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43653824","title":"Blizzard and Cold Hits Midwest, Takes Aim at the Northeast","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-cold-hits-midwest-takes-aim-northeast-43653824"}