Blizzard Warnings in Midwest

Monster winter storm could bring more than two feet of snow.
1:36 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Blizzard Warnings in Midwest
Monster winter storm hitting the west look at the latest from Denver in a moment but first Sam of course tracking at all for a few mornings and -- and -- -- -- most of -- have not -- winter like conditions or snow -- been -- this is another blizzard like situation for them take a look at the white all around the Denver area and if we -- just toward the west this morning we got snow falling at about two inches per hour mostly heavier snow will soon move east and that's where all the blizzard warnings are right now so all the way -- -- North -- -- Moines -- there -- seven states -- have. Winter storm watches warnings or advisories out here -- the totals. If they in this area shaded in red we get to ten to twenty inches of snow -- fourteen inches of snow falls in the Denver area that's the biggest February snowstorm ever. If they get to 24 inches of snow that shoots automatically to the fourth largest snowstorm in Denver history. Our -- and -- standing in all the snow right now -- good morning. Good morning Sam all -- this truly is -- one of the best ways to get around Denver right now. We've had about six to ten inches of snow so far it's coming down and about a half an inch an hour. On an hour and right now road conditions are just terrible we've seen white out blizzard conditions not only in eastern Colorado but also parts of Nebraska and Kansas people actually being warned if they do have to go out on the roads to take food and water with them just in case they get stranded. Now at the airports they tell us there's about 200 canceled flights this morning. And done in Pueblo Colorado small jet actually slid off a runway not sure if that's weather related but thankfully everybody on board was okay. And of course Sam. The kids -- -- in this weather schools all over the region are closed today. Perfect for -- -- claim.

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{"id":15504581,"title":"Blizzard Warnings in Midwest","duration":"1:36","description":"Monster winter storm could bring more than two feet of snow.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-warnings-midwest-possible-record-breaking-snow-15504581","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}