Blow-Out Junkies: Over-Spending Personal Budget

Is spending thousands of dollar on hair care worth the money?
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Blow-Out Junkies: Over-Spending Personal Budget
Now, to the latest beauty addiction. Ladies, start your blow driers. The women who call themselves blowout junkies, dropping up to $1,000 a year to get their hair blow dried to perfection, several times a week by a pro. Is it worth blowing your budget? Take a look. Jennifer aniston does it. So does gwyneth paltrow, jennifer lopez, even kate middleton. They're all drop-dead gorgeous, known for those luscious blownout locks that have an extra touch of glamour. But what's the secret that adds to their radiant beauty? The heat. Places like new york's dry bar holds the key. Salons dedicated to making hair silky smooth. I come in two times a week. Reporter: They're self-proclaimed blowout junkies. The dry bar is irreplaceable in my life. Reporter: Kristen spends nearly $6,000 a year. That's more than the average vacation for a family of four. A dry bar junkie? Exactly. Reporter: L.A. To new york, thousands of women across the country are lining up at blowout-only salons, all to give their full-length tresses the star treatment. So, for the sake of research, i decided to give it a try. Let's do the mai tai. Makes it look like I went to the beach. It takes 40 minutes. And it's fun for little girls. My daughter, eva, was happy to try it out, furthering my research. Allie is the guru behind dry bar. I'll have what she's having. Reporter: And it is a bar, for hair. Complete with a menu of hair-dos with cheeky names like popular drinks. From the cosmo, to the straightup. But the only actual drink is a refined glass of champagne. So, what makes these blowout specialists so desirable? The end result. It's so pretty. Reporter: Eva loved her look. And as for mom -- can't think of a better way to celebrate a good hair day. All right. We're joined by jennifer goldstein, beauty director for "prevention" magazine, and three women who have been getting a blowout all morning. Lara's with us. Asking the important questions. Let's start with our first model, charla. We have a look at her before photo. There she is. And now, take a look at her blowout. There she is. Wow. You look great. Jennifer, I want to ask you. How much is too much? Women are really getting into it. My friends used to consider it a treat. Now, they'll forgo other luxuries to get their blowouts. It is heat. You want to limit blowouts to about three a week. Maybe not try to blow dry on the weekends so your hair can air dry and get a break from the damaging heat. You love it? Yeah. We have our next model here. This is christina. We have her before picture when she came into the studios. Here she is. And here is christina now. Beautiful. I love it. I want to ask. This is a little bit of a straighter look. You have a naturally curly look. Do you like it? I love it. It looks sleek. If there's a good blowout, is there a drier that is better? You want the professional drier that has the wattage that will give you the heat you need. Look for something at the minimum, 1,875 watts. It's counterintuitive. You want it hotter. It will be less damaging. And you will get the sleek finish. I love the curly to wavy like that. We have amanda before she came into our studios. Beautiful hair. Let's turn her around. She looks beautiful. This is a very nice, loose, sexy look. Exactly. You can get this -- the key right here is a brush. If you have a round brush, you will get the wave shape. You want nylon or boar bristles. Metal bristles will be damaging. We appreciate all of the great tips to do it at home and save even more money. Ladies, thank you. You all look lovely. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Is spending thousands of dollar on hair care worth the money?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17543663","title":"Blow-Out Junkies: Over-Spending Personal Budget","url":"/GMA/video/blow-junkies-hair-care-spending-personal-budget-17543663"}