The Blue Brothers: The Castro Twins Predict That Texas Won't Be a Red State For Long

Rep. Joaquin Castro and brother Mayor Julian Castro talk 2016, Ted Cruz, and Texas politics.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for The Blue Brothers: The Castro Twins Predict That Texas Won't Be a Red State For Long
What -- the fine print I'm -- felony today a cup of coffee and conversation. With the Castro Brothers congressman Joaquin Castro from San Antonio and mayor Julian Castro also visiting Washington gentlemen thanks for joining us. Thank you for it's an insurance some prognosticators think at some point Texas we'll turn back to blew it of course used to be -- democratic state. How far along is that it's a progression from red to blue -- that some wishful thinking. I think it's on its way it's still gonna take a little bit you know we have two strong candidates and candidate for governor when he gave us. Who's really excited a lot of folks in Texas. Member -- rising on the Florida today to -- give voice. To thousands of Texans. Who have been ignored. And then -- -- have been acute for lieutenant governor I believe that both Wendy Davis and -- these event if you. Could win in -- fourteen of course that would be huge in taxes but if you're talking about -- is going to be a blue state of course that's still a few years off. But it's -- presidential cycle keeping an endless -- now I -- a few years. Here a crystal ball tell you about the the politics of the next cycle 2016 you were obviously the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention -- point twelve in. Charlotte, North Carolina. Ours is a nation like no other. A place -- great journeys can be made and a single generation no matter who you are where you come from the -- is always. -- -- These things would be the best nominee for the party places. All I believe that Hillary Clinton would be the strongest nominee you've already signed on -- well you know we certainly have admire -- for a long time. And I'm willing to support her if she runs. There's no question from everything see out there the whole way. Her ability to across the partisan divide her experience that she would -- very formidable candidate ones. Should she had a challenger do you think there should be a party just basically call her the nominee and. Now well I mean I think it's up to other candidates if you're interested in running to step forward and challenge for the competition's always good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- seem like that sometimes. You know we are only -- fourteen and others the the a lot of time but I'm confident that. That no matter what fueled news that she's the abusers and the junior senator from Texas senator Ted Cruz was in the news a lot. During his -- Washington I rise today. In opposition to Obama care how would you describe. I think. I would describe as an intelligent guy. It's shrewd politician. But what I've seen is a lot of talking. And decent amount of grandstanding but not a lot of action -- would describe him as extreme. It's very hard line nobody doubts -- intelligence. But. He has taken extremely hard line positions and I think many oftentimes has not been very helpful or productive. In making sure that congress -- beyond the gridlock. That has really. Characterized as -- for several years. What we can do in the House of Representatives. -- Follow the example of the senate work in a bipartisan manner so when you're on first and -- felt what surprised you the most about. The pace actually you know I was in the Texas legislature for. -- terms for ten years. And there were points when we are being very busy -- here you know we're routinely working about twelve hours a day and different things. But was what was surprised how many days away you have that's true we don't this year were always with you section -- 103 365. Which is astonishing itself but when we are here it's very quick meeting stacked on top each other but what has been strange is that is. How we can all be so individually -- -- the congress as a whole could be so unproductive. When he thirteen my first year with the least productive year in American congressional history so it's into this strange to reconcile those two things. So from your point -- mayor you are are watching what this congress is doing and a lot of these a federal programs that impacts directly on the city at any point at all. During this past here to -- sort of what what are they doing up there mean all of course yeah. From City Hall how -- congress look -- Well I think to all Americans there's been -- Lowell or frustration with the output is like instead of congress -- citizens stormed a spoken. -- the San Antonio at City Hall we probably passed more legislation. In one month that they -- -- here if not at one meeting literally. Senator day to -- conversations heady days keep in touch text message do you -- now to news social media how do you following. -- the talking on the ball. We we text -- -- -- men and that we see each other less these days than we ever have. We understand we shared a room for eighteen years -- and these days he's up here both of us ever found was -- -- it's good to get this sense of one. And how do you -- the -- -- -- usually on FaceBook Twitter -- all over the place we using that -- find out what he's doing. But -- you know we still talk almost every -- We bounce ideas off each other it's helpful to have somebody that you're so close to that if the confidant. Get ideas from. One -- -- guys thank you very much I really appreciate your time thank you to to Syria and its congressman thanks very much. And that's all for this edition -- the fine print. For ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Jeff felony we'll.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Joaquin Castro and brother Mayor Julian Castro talk 2016, Ted Cruz, and Texas politics.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21603343","title":"The Blue Brothers: The Castro Twins Predict That Texas Won't Be a Red State For Long","url":"/GMA/video/blue-brothers-castro-twins-predict-texas-red-state-21603343"}