Blue Ivy at Home; Patrick Dempsey's Love for Racing

Lara Spencer reveals what's buzzing on the "GMA" Pop Heat News Index.
2:37 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blue Ivy at Home; Patrick Dempsey's Love for Racing
As blue -- Carter is at home this morning with proud parents Jay-Z and Beyonce so what lavish gifts await their little girl at home. Listen -- how about this 20000. Dollar carriage -- A 151000 dollars -- crystal high chair which nicely complements her 5200. Dollar crystal bathtub. -- daisy couldn't help himself from buying the solid gold rocking horse for when baby -- gets bigger. And I anti Oprah Winfrey she sent the -- a gift as well an entire trunk full of children's books you've -- -- No word yet on what title she included definitely getting -- Today right exactly -- look at their overall by him. Meantime Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey AK -- -- dreamy says he'd rather be racing his -- and holding a scalpel and the actor told reporters the Daytona International Speedway that quote. The biggest point for me -- negotiations is getting time off to come race. So I don't -- races I'll probably stay on Grey's Anatomy -- says he still loves playing doctor Derek shepherd. But -- racing -- -- -- -- talk about that a lot yeah oh yeah he's -- he's a good. Yes yes actually very a big advantage in the and you know we left hander Terry -- the -- yesterday got to have another on this morning a big step forward for the species right now in China six bred in captivity are being released. Into an enclosed preserve as part of an ambitious project to -- introduce more of the rare. Bears black into the wild and admit that consumers are -- get this basketball great -- mean. This is there to help them. We missed some Houston -- Can't get an -- for the vast -- well and got an exclusive sneak peek of next week's episode jobs. Wedding when watching -- equipment. Yeah lunch with the -- that at and I examined yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome to San Francisco -- getting good to see you see them. Presentation on -- little late -- on the roster of bachelorette that he was she was eliminated from Brad season and Nash and tweeting about its massive crashes happened and I'm acting -- know much about an article. At Freddie Mac reported progress but. The feeling than usual taking aptitude hinted -- and the body find out.

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{"id":15338694,"title":"Blue Ivy at Home; Patrick Dempsey's Love for Racing","duration":"2:37","description":"Lara Spencer reveals what's buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop Heat News Index.","url":"/GMA/video/blue-ivy-home-patrick-dempseys-love-racing-15338694","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}