Blue Ivy Pictures Hit the Web

Fans get a surprise when images of Jay Z and Beyonce's baby appear online.
2:26 | 02/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blue Ivy Pictures Hit the Web
There's a big surprise for Beyonce and Jay-Z fans out of the blue the first photos get that that little baby -- -- suddenly appearing on the web with a special handwritten message. From the child's proud parents. Ladies and gentlemen meat to blue -- Carter. Jay-Z and Beyonce introduced their four week old daughter to the world overnight when proud Papa -- posted these photos on his new web -- baby blue beating with a head full of dark hair. Is shown on her own and cradled by each of -- famous parents who couldn't be happier. Gazing -- -- baby is definitely already and next and he's. And he can't -- a month -- This celebrated couple known for keeping their lips sealed when it comes to their personal lives shared the intimate family photos with this hand written note. We welcome you to share in our joy thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives the Carter family. Instead I think they sound like living at times he's -- -- hundreds -- is glad it's kind of that way of allowing that fans how well they want. But in a controlled way. Although they trademark turn name to -- not change -- are the latest celebrities to shun big bucks from the tabloid press. For exclusive rights to baby pictures celebrity baby photos in the past raked in millions of dollars according to TMC. Matthew McConaughey pay and his girlfriend pond off the first photos of their newborn son Levi to OK Max. -- million dollars. And -- Angelina scored a whopping eleven million dollars for the first photos of their twins. The one thing we have to remember is an accent release pictures that would have been -- passing on not to expect -- single tank and it would not stopped. -- -- -- -- -- -- Although Beyonce is on maternity leave from the stage she still in the spotlight the new mom made her first post baby appearance last week at her husband's charity concert. The show included an emotional performance of the song that features his -- born. Indiana paints and can -- greatest stimulus you. -- -- If -- the baby crying -- and this adorable -- -- Brad and Angelina they actually use that money to give to charity gets eleven million dollar -- I'll weigh in themselves whopping -- yes it is a huge amount of money.

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{"id":15561917,"title":"Blue Ivy Pictures Hit the Web","duration":"2:26","description":"Fans get a surprise when images of Jay Z and Beyonce's baby appear online. ","url":"/GMA/video/blue-ivy-pictures-hit-web-15561917","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}