Bob Filner Trades Office for Settlement Deal

The San Diego mayor, faced with allegations of sexual harassment, prepares to leave office.
2:03 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Bob Filner Trades Office for Settlement Deal
We're going to stay in california, where there's major developments involving the scandal-ridden mayor of san diego. Bob filner has been facing charges of sexual harassment for weeks. He's in line to cut a settlement deal. But it's not over yet as he finds himself the center of a criminal investigation by the state attorney general. I offer deep apology, certainly to all of the citizens of san diego. Reporter: Minutes after throwing in the towel, soon-to-be former mayor bob filner, spoke directly to those 18 women who have accused him of sexual harassment. I had no intention to be offensive. Reporter: But even as he apologized, filner seemed to suggest part of the blame belongs to those women. I have never sexually harassed anyone. But there's a theory that's been created. And many of you helped defeat, is the hysteria of a lynch mob. Reporter: The 70-year-old democrat may have his supporters. But the city council voted unanimously to accept his resignation, after hearing scathing comments from a fed-up public. This mayor needs to be out of office. I'm opposed to paying any of bob filner's legal bills. Reporter: Filner exits with a pension of $80,000 a year. And taxpayers are on the hook for some of his legal bills. Several of the women who accused him say it's worth it to get him to go away. He has yet to come to grips with the reality of his actions. Reporter: The politician says he's not giving up the battle to clear his tarnished reputation. Obviously, this is the toughest decision of my life. Even though I know, if given due process, I would be vindicated. Reporter: After a month and a half of scandal, filner's last day is next week. And many here say it cannot come soon enough. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, san diego. Extraordinary segments for

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{"id":20055740,"title":"Bob Filner Trades Office for Settlement Deal","duration":"2:03","description":"The San Diego mayor, faced with allegations of sexual harassment, prepares to leave office.","url":"/GMA/video/bob-filner-trades-office-settlement-deal-20055740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}